Breaking Book News: Berenstain Bears on the Big Screen

November 5th, 2009 by

This is the Berenstain Bears book I remember most from when I was a kid. Now you know why I'm so trustworthy! Always listen to Karen...

This is the Berenstain Bears book I remember most from when I was a kid. Now you know why I'm so trustworthy! Always listen to Karen...

Yet another movie based on a children’s book? Yawn.

BUT WAIT — here’s something new! Unlike most of the book-based films and TV shows you hear about these days, this one won’t involve vampires, Olympians, wizards, or any other fantastical creatures. Well, unless you count talking bears…

That’s right, the Berenstain Bears are getting their own movie! It will be a mix of live-action and computer animation, produced by the same guy who directed the Night at the Museum movies. And, of course, it will be a comedy. What else would you expect from this wacky and warm-hearted bear family?

No, seriously, I’m really asking: what else would you expect? To be totally honest, I haven’t read any Berenstain Bears books in years. And you probably outgrew them a while ago too. But I still remember those crazy bears fondly, and a quick look on Wikipedia reveals a huge group of supporting characters who could make for a lot of awesome storylines. Not for nothing, many of them also have hilarious names.

For example (taken directly from Wikipedia):

  • Too-Tall Grizzly, the school bully
  • Two-Ton Grizzly, Too-Tall’s father who is a bit of a bully himself (but to a much lesser degree)
  • Queenie McBear, Too-Tall’s on-and-off girlfriend
  • Raffish Ralph, a Bear Country crook, typically working as a con man, who also goes by the name Ralph Ripoff
  • Professor Actual Factual, the community intellectual
  • Milton Chubb, probably the largest cub in school

Who are all these people? Er, I mean, bears… I don’t remember them all, but they certainly sound like they’d make for a good supporting cast! Too bad the movie won’t come out until 2011 at the earliest. Maybe I’ll go back and read some of the books!

— Karen

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