When Life Gives You O.J.: Book Review

September 17th, 2011 by

Like many of you, when I was a kid I asked my parents for a dog. They said no. Instead, I got a fish.

If only I had thought of getting a “practice dog” to show how responsible I could be! I could have fed it, walked it, cleaned up its “poop” — and then maybe my parents would have seen how good a dog owner I’d be!

That’s the idea in Erica Perl’s book When Life Gives You O.J. Check out the official book trailer for more details (and a laugh):

But the book isn’t just one big gag. I really liked the main character, Zelly, and I related to her issues with her BFF’s new friends and with a neighborhood bully. Plus, I enjoyed reading about Zelly’s relationship with her grandfather, Ace — he’s the one who came up with the “practice dog” idea in the first place, and he’s not always the easiest person to get along with!

So you can see that even if you’re not a dog person yourself, there’s still plenty of good stuff in this book to enjoy.

Have you ever wanted a dog and had your parents say no? Or do you already have a family pet? Leave a comment and tell me about an animal friend you already have, or one that you really want!

— Karen

Karen’s fish was a Betta, also known as a Fighter Fish. Uncreatively, she named him Fighter.

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