Would You Answer The Call?

February 26th, 2011 by

David “Mack” MacAvoy (the main character in Michael Grant’s series, The Magnificent 12) didn’t want to do it when he first got the call. What call is that? The call to save the world, of course. That’s because 12-year-old Mack has a list of phobias a mile high, and a case of the “mediums” — medium grades, medium looks, and medium parents.

He’s approached by Grimluck, a 3000-year-old wizard… sorcerer… morphing… guy to track down eleven other 12-year-olds to stop an evil force. So despite his mediumness and phobias, Mack sucks it up. It is the fate of the world, after all.

I really liked this book, and it was also a Cybils finalist, so it’s in good company. One thing that’s always bugged me about non-orphaned young heroes on journeys: don’t their parents get worried that they’re suddenly running off to exotic places, saving the world from evil and running (in slow motion) from fiery explosions? Well, Michael Grant figured that out. Standing in for Mack at home is a golem, a magical dude made of mud that looks like Mack (more or less). Problem solved!

Well, more problems arise, like the golem trying to eat Mack’s cat. But don’t worry — it’s all in good fun, I swear! Speaking of which, the whole book is really funny.

Check out the book trailer for The Call and pick up the book as soon as you can! Because Book 2 of the Magnificent Twelve series is coming out in the fall, so you don’t want to get behind. And I haven’t even mentioned the other cool things about this book, like:

* a bully turned bodyguard
* the flashbacks to the original Magnificent Twelve’s story
* jumping out of a plane
* an intimidating (and cute) girl who’s the second of the Magnificent Twelve
* and much more!

— Nancy

Nancy thinks it would be awesome if she had a golem to do her laundry!

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