The False Prince: Book Review

April 12th, 2012 by

false-prince-jennifer-a-nielsenThe very first thing I need to say about The False Prince is that it’s published by Scholastic, which is the company that I work for. Now, we talk about a lot of Scholastic books around here (hello, Harry Potter fanatics, what what!), and normally I just kind of mention the Scholastic connection in passing — you know, so that I’m being totally honest, but you guys know that where I work doesn’t have any influence at all on which books I like or don’t like.

But in this case, I’m bringing up the Scholastic thing right from the get-go because you should know that The False Prince is getting a lot of buzz around the office. And why should you know that? Because all the hype led me to have SUPER high expectations for the book. And guess what: it totally surpassed my expectations! And that’s coming from someone who deliberately reads negative reviews of movies that I’m psyched to watch because otherwise I’ll have ridiculously high hopes that can only be clobbered by reality…

So that’s just my long way of saying: THIS BOOK TOTALLY ROCKS!

The first book in Jennifer A. Nielsen’s new Ascendance Trilogy, The False Prince follows Sage, an orphan who’s forced to compete in a deadly competition. Prove himself to be the best imitation prince, or else, well, let’s just say that the cunning nobleman who’s running the contest is determined that the losers will take the secret to their graves

To get the story from Sage himself, check out the official book trailer:

Yikes, that image of the blood-splattered and shattered crown gets me every time…

I’ve already lent my copy of The False Prince to a friend — I gave it to her, like, immediately after I turned the last page. It’s THAT good. So what are you waiting for? Go go go! And once you’ve read it (or if you’ve already read it), definitely leave me a comment with your thoughts!

— Karen

In the case of the Hunger Games movie, Karen avoided all reviews, articles, and even online fandom like the plague. And it worked! Expectations managed.

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