Meet the North American Indians by Elizabeth Payne

December 1st, 2009 by

meet-the-north-americansReviewed by: Madison, Age 9 from Indiana

Rating: ★★★★★

Did you know that the North American Indians had about 5 different tribes? I like this book becuase there are so many interesting facts and I could not stop thinking about how lucky we are. I know you think life is hard, but wait till you read how hard life was for the indians.

The first tribe I want to take about is the Hopi tribe. The Hopi tribe were indians that didn’t like to fight. Hopi women knew 50 different ways to cook corn! This is really fascinating that their main diet was corn! They only had meat when they could find it. Hopi Indians lived in the Arizona desert. They ate out of clay bowls.

Oh! There is another tribe called Makah. This tribe gor most of their food from the sea. The Makah lived in the state of Washington. The women would wear bark skirts. Men wore almost nothing. Apparently, it doesn’t really get that cold in Washington.

There is this other tribe called Creek. They LOVE to fight. They lived in Alabama and Georgia. This was another great part of the book.

The Penobscot didn’t have hardly any time to fight. They hunted a lot, almost the whole day. They had a ton of meat.

Then there was the Mandan. The Mandan live in Canada and Texas. They hunted for buffalo. Whenever they saw one, they ran back and they told everybody.

I hope you enjoy this book!!!!