FOOD FIGHT! (Kidsmomo Style)

March 1st, 2010 by

If you’ve followed our edible exploits over the last few days, then you know that it’s finally time for the culmination of our culinary competition. That’s right, people — it’s FOOD FIGHT TIME!

For our food theme, we each cooked up a dessert based on a children’s book. Then we presented our sweets to a panel of judges without revealing who made which dish.

Whose cuisine reigned supreme? Watch our KidsmomoMO video to find out:

And to see our step-by-step adventures in the kitchen, or if you want to do some book-based baking yourself, check out our posts on Karen’s baked custard pudding and Nancy’s almond flan!

Flan de Almendra (Almond Flan)

February 27th, 2010 by

If you ask me, this food fight doesn’t seem very fair. My selection was inspired by the soulful and heartstrings-tugging Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan, but meanwhile, Karen picked a recipe that’s been used as a magical projectile weapon. @_@ (That’s my look of worry and shock.)

But there’s no use in worrying now when there’s almond flan to be made! You know what would cheer you and me up?  Saying the word “flan.”  Flan, flan, flan! Shout it with me! Fuuuuuuh-laaaaaaaaan!!!

Click on my photos to see my step-by-step flan formation:

To continue having flan fun, grab your parent and see if you can do this recipe justice:

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Aunt Petunia’s Baked Custard Pudding

February 25th, 2010 by

Since our current theme is books about food, Nancy and I knew we couldn’t let this topic go without a… FOOD FIGHT! Well, sort of. In this case, we mean a Kidsmomo cooking competition:

Nancy and I each tried our hand at a recipe based on a children’s book. Then we presented both of our dishes to a panel of judges without saying who made which recipe. Whose cuisine reigned supreme? To find out, you’ll just have to tune in on Monday, when we bid farewell to our food theme with a special KidsmomoMO video of the judging and results.

In the meantime, you can whet your appetites (literally) by following along on our culinary journeys. Today, you can see how I transported my kitchen to Number 4 Privet Drive. And then on Saturday, check back for Nancy’s cooking adventures.

So, let’s get to the actual food, shall we?

Aunt Petunia’s Baked Custard Pudding

With all the amazing edible concoctions in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, I surprised myself by choosing a Muggle recipe. But remember the dessert that Dobby splattered all over the Dursleys’ guests in Harry Potter Book 2? How could I possibly resist replicating that? (The dessert, not the Hover Charm, unfortunately…)

Click on my photos to see my step-by-step pudding process:

Want to try baking your own custard pudding? Put on an apron, grab your parent to help you, and use this recipe:

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Book Trailer: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

February 23rd, 2010 by

This book trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was originally the Mystery Book Theater video for our Food theme. For more on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, check out our “Get In My Belly” podcast.

Are you constantly craving dessert? Do you have a sweet tooth? Does your mouth water at the mere mention of… SUGAR? Then chances are, you’ve already devoured Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. But you’ve never seen it like this — re-imagined as a television infomercial!

This Book Is Not Good For You by Pseudonymous Bosch

February 22nd, 2010 by

this-book-is-not-good-for-youReviewed by: Kate, Age 13 from Indiana

Rating: ★★★★½

This is the 3rd book of a series that is mostly from the point of veiw of Cassandra with some from her friends Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji. Cass is the descendent of the Joker, who knew the secret to everlasting life. Cass and her friend are part of the society the Joker started: the Terces society that battles the Midnight Sun, who know the secret to long life. Cass’ mom is kidnapped by one of them, a half-blind cook who is searching for the recipe for the chocolate of time. Cass is captured too when she tries to save her mom, and they make her try the partialy done recipe, and she goes back in time to see the Joker but is brought back to present time before she can find out what the secret is.

Featured in "Get In My Belly!"

It falls on Max-Ernest to save them – with a samurai, for Yo-Yoji’s mind has transformed into one of his ancestors.
That’s it for now – I don’t want to spoil too much.

The Worst Thanksgiving by Hahaha me

February 18th, 2010 by

What are you favorite foods or food-related stories?

Submitted by Hahaha me:

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is my one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving. So you can imagine how furious I was when I kept on falling asleep in the middle of it. Tissues were piled up next to my spot on the floor, right in front of the TV. You’d think that I would be a bit cheered by the smell of squash and turkey drifting into the living room.

But it was just as much of a challenge to smell anything than it was to stay awake.

I was sick on Thanksgiving! Whenever I had to blow my nose I would wince and mutter. “Why of all the days do I have to be sick on Thanksgiving? Maybe I have mono…”

Fortunately, I didn’t, but when we went up to my grandmother’s house to “celebrate” I was stranded on the couch. Hours later I dizzily stumbled over to the table, and tried to eat what had remained. of the meal. It hurt to open my mouth and swallow. “I can’t even eat!” I complained.

The next day I still couldn’t eat. And still the next! Finally, I recovered. Sadly, the leftovers of the Thanksgiving meal was already devoured by then. I tried not to think of it. But when I had to return to school I wore my favorite jeans and realized I had to wear a belt with it because I had gotten skinny from not eating. “I’m supposed to get fatter Thanksgiving break, not thinner!” I moaned. How had I let the yummy once-a-year feast slip through my hands?

Gobble Up These Books About Food

February 16th, 2010 by

Take 1 part mouth-watering food descriptions, stir in 2 parts compelling story-telling, and let simmer. What do you get? Some delicious books involving food (in no particular order):

  1. Blue Moose by Daniel Pinkwater (Karen’s pick)
  2. The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling (Nancy’s pick)
  3. Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath
  4. Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech
  5. Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith
  6. This Book Is Not Good for You by Pseudonymous Bosch
  7. Dish series by Diane Muldrow
  8. Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles by Rupert Kingfisher
  9. My Chocolate Year by Charlotte Herman
  10. The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbitt

If you’ve read any of these, send in your book review. Or send in a review of your favorite book involving food!

UPDATE 3/2/10: We revealed the answer to our Food Mystery Book Theater in the “Get In My Belly” Podcast, so take a listen if you want to know the answer. Or just tune in if you want to hear Karen all but sing (yes, sing) about food.

No Turkey? Just Substitute Soup!

November 21st, 2009 by

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as you proably know by now, I loooooove food — so, of course, I start drooling at the mere thought of Thanksgiving dinner. But this year, I won’t be celebrating as usual with my full extended family because my parents and I will be traveling abroad.

To make up for my loss (no stuffing! no corn pudding! no homemade desserts!), I’m turning to a bountiful meal in one of my favorite books instead: Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech.

The book is about 12-year-old Rosie and her best friend — a boy! — Bailey. Rosie and Bailey have grown up together, living on the same street their whole lives, and they’ve always been inseparable. But as you can imagine, it’s not always easy feeling so connected to someone else, and Rosie and Bailey have their share of problems. Enter Granny Torrelli, here to save the day!

In Part 1 of Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, Rosie and Granny Torrelli make soup (what a surprise!) while Rosie describes a fight between her and Bailey. In Part 2 of Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, there’s actually no soup. Instead, Rosie and Granny Torrelli AND Bailey make pasta, ribs, meatballs, and sauce, and it’s Granny Torrelli’s turn to tell her story. Of course, the reason for Granny’s story is really to help Rosie and Bailey… Grandparents are sly like that, don’t you think? It’s only to be expected. BUT the parallels between Granny’s story and Rosie and Bailey’s story might surprise you. The end of the book definitely surprised me, and that’s one reason I love it so much. Plus, you know, all the food. [insert image of me, mentally chomping on delicious pasta — nom nom nom…]

Anyway, even if you’ll be sitting down to the traditional turkey this Thanksgiving, it’s still worth checking out Granny Torrelli Makes Soup. You can get started with this excerpt from the beginning of the book!

— Karen

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