A Sunny Summer Mystery for a Cold Winter’s Day

December 5th, 2009 by

Every week, I volunteer at a local bookstore that gives all its proceeds to charity. To keep down costs, all the books we sell are donated to us, and one of my favorite jobs at the store is manning the donation table. Everyone feels good when they give us their books, and I like interacting with them in that situation. Plus — I’m not gonna lie — I love getting that first look at what people bring in. I’m just nosy that way. And sometimes I swoop in and claim books that I want to buy for myself.

A Summer in the South by James Marshall

A Summer in the South by James Marshall

Recently, I was at the donation table, and I spotted that cover over to the left (<—), a book called A Summer in the South by James Marshall. In that moment, a flood of memories suddenly washed over me — a bunch of animals staying at a beach hotel, a silly mystery, a surprise reveal at the end. For the life of me, I don’t remember reading this book before… But I must have, because as I read it now (OF COURSE I swooped in and claimed the book for myself), more and more of it seems familiar, from the mischievous squirrel twins who enjoy causing a ruckus to the baboon musicians who act more than a little suspiciously. And King Kluk — I can’t believe I forgot about King Kluk!

Now, I realize that if you haven’t read the book, then none of this means anything to you. But guess what — I did that on purpose! Because I want you to read the book! So go and check it out already!

Now if only there were books based on some of the other mysteries solved by the detective character in A Summer in the South: “the famous Case of the Exploding Possum,” “the Puzzle of the Talking Bubblegum,” “the Disappearance of the One-Armed Octopus,” and “the Mystery of the Whistling Grandmother.” Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Oh, that’s right — James Marshall. He’s gotta be one wacky dude… Have you read any of his books? Leave a comment to let me know!

— Karen

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