My Adventures Chasing Lemony Snicket

September 20th, 2009 by

Last weekend, I traveled from New York to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. I thought my trip would be dedicated to seeing old pals and my family. Little did I know what was in store…

You see, after booking my plane ticket, I received a mysterious message about an event hosted by none other than author Lemony Snicket. It would be held in San Francisco on the Sunday that I just happened to be there, and it would take place at a movie theater that just happens to be within walking distance of my parents’ house (where I was staying). Coincidence? I wasn’t sure — but I couldn’t leave anything up to chance; I RSVPed for the event immediately. Perhaps this would be my chance to learn more about Mr. Snicket’s top-secret new book series!

As you can see from this poster, the event was allegedly a movie screening to benefit the San Francisco Public Library. Mr. Snicket selected the comedy Young Frankenstein to share with the audience, and we all got a chance to meet him before the movie started.


You can see that there was a pretty big turn-out:


Unfortunately, this meant that I personally didn’t have much time to talk with Mr. Snicket — let alone discuss my many, many burning questions about VFD. However, I did manage to sneak him a printed copy of my previous post about his new series. Then we were sadly separated by a mass of kids pressing in all around us…

masses of kids

I can only hope that Mr. Snicket keeps my message out of the wrong hands until he is able to respond via sugar bowl.

In the meantime, I did gather as many clues as I possibly could. While other, less dedicated detectives were preoccupied by such distractions as popcorn, soda, and other concessions, I documented what I could — and now I share my findings with you. If you notice anything suspicious, please leave a comment and let me know immediately!


Lemony Snicket -- or is he?

Lemony Snicket -- or is he?

Before the movie began, the man I believed to be Lemony Snicket rose and walked to the front of the theater to introduce the film — and in the process he introduced himself as Daniel Handler. Gasp! I listened intently for further information, hoping everything would soon become clear. But alas, his speech included no additional intelligence about his identity or Mr. Snicket’s upcoming series. At least, I didn’t hear anything along those lines. But again, please listen for yourself and tell me if you catch anything I might have missed:


I share this evidence with you in the hopes that by banding together, we will be able to solve this mystery once and for all. Please, vow that you will join me in this quest.

— Karen

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  • Sherrie writes:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 3:57 am

    This is a wonderful description of a delightful event!

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