Gives a Whole New Meaning to “BookPLATES”

May 1st, 2010 by

Here on Kidsmomo, even though we’re all about books, you may have noticed that we talk about food once in awhile. Well, actually, a lot.

Well, we’re not the only ones to combine books and food! Every year in Seattle, Washington the Edible Book Festival celebrates books + food with a contest. Here are their basic guidelines:

“Create and bring a piece of edible art related to books: it can pun on a title, refer to a scene or character, look like a book (or paper, scroll etc), or just have something to do with books. Whatever the inspiration – it must be edible.”

Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere close to Seattle, so I wasn’t able to get a bite of these books. Hm, maybe I can get a Northeast chapter of this started up… yes… and then the edible books will come to me… and then there will be nom-ing! Lots of nom-ing! *drool*

The festival accepts books of all genres and levels, but my favorite this year was the entry that won the ‘Most Pun-derful’ silver award:

"Little Hows on the Pear E"

It’s a pear cut into the shape of the letter “E,” and someone wrote “How” a bunch of times in little letters all over it! Get it?! Obviously, I love this one because it has puns, it’s made of fruit, and is based on one of my favorite book series!

I’d like to point out that there are probably some books that don’t sound very tasty, despite being awesome reads:

  • The Maze of Bones (unless it started off as chicken)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (souls, gross!)
  • Holes (eating air :()

Check out the rest of the winners on The Edible Book Festival’s blog. What’s a book that you’d want to gobble up?

— Nancy

Yesterday Nancy ate a tangerine, and then remembered that she’s been meaning to read Tangerine by Edward Bloor for a while now.

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