The Most Un-Scary Mythological Creature, Ever.

August 29th, 2010 by

Since we’ve been focused on mythology-themed books for a couple weeks, I’ve had a chance to brush up on my knowledge of mythological monsters and creatures. It interesting how it’s like animal math, basically:

(lion – head) + (eagle – body) = Griffin

(lion – head) + (human – body) + (scorpion – body) = Manticore

(human + horse) – (2 x body) = Centaur

Think of all the zany combinations possible! I certainly did — and I asked our friend, Zaid, if he would draw a Kidsmomo mythological creature for me. Here was the formula:

[bunny ears + (Karen – legs) + (Nancy – legs)] + (bird – wings) + (zebra – head) + hair dye = ???

And here’s the result:
Kidsmomo Mythological Creature by Zaid
But before I saw that drawing, I tried it for myself:
Kidsmomo Mythological Creature by Nancy

Whoa! So besides the obvious fact that Zaid’s, oh, just a tad more advanced in his artistic skills than I am, there’s another BIG difference between our renderings: I drew one zebra body, but Zaid drew two. That kind of demonstrates why over the years, people have had slightly different definitions of mythological creatures — I guess over time, descriptions can get lost in translation.

I also noticed that Zaid’s drawing makes us look really intellectual, like we’re just coming from Chiron’s class in Percy Jackson land. In my drawing, we just kind of look like doofuses.

Let us know in the comments — how would you add, subtract, multiply and divide your favorite animals into your own mythological monster?

— Nancy

Although Nancy is more or less pleased with her drawing, in the long run, having two separate bodies is better — it would be is unhealthy spending that much time with Karen.

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