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November 4th, 2010 by

trackers-patrick-carman-book-series-reviewSure, Nancy and I run a website and we both work on digital stuff for our day jobs too — but neither of us could ever compare to Adam Henderson, the tech prodigy hero of Patrick Carman’s newest series, Trackers.*

Well, “hero” may not be the right word for Adam. He’s definitely the main character and you’re rooting for him, but it appears that he’s gotten himself and his three best friends into some serious trouble. How serious? It’s hard to say, because there’s only one Trackers book so far, and not all the details are revealed. But you learn pretty quickly that Adam and his fellow Trackers (Finn, Lewis, and Emily) are experts at trailing other people by following digital clues. But it turns out… someone else has been watching them! [cue scary music and dramatic flashing lights]

I don’t want to give away too much because the fun of Trackers is that it’s set up for readers themselves to steadily get to the bottom of things, through a combo of the book and short online videos. To be honest, at first I was a little frustrated because I really *hate* not knowing what’s going on. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty impatient. Imagine a monkey who sees a banana through a window but doesn’t realize there’s glass in the way. Yeah, that’s me (except not as hairy)… But once I got over it, I really got into the suspense of the story and I enjoyed trying to guess what would come next.

Here, check out the official trailer for a peek into the Trackers experience:

So, now the most frustrating part is waiting for the next book to come out! Luckily Patrick Carman — er,  I mean, the Trackers have put together a Trackers Missions hub where you can take on assignments from them — if you dare! (Okay, okay, the missions aren’t actually dangerous as far as I can tell, but they are addicting! I started working on Adam’s mission just now, and I almost forgot to come back and finish writing this post!)

— Karen

Karen still remembers the first time she went on the internet. It was 12th grade. She was at a friend’s house, and Karen was all like, “What’s this search doing? Where are these pages coming from?” That same day, she discovered mp3s and it blew her mind!

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* Trackers is published by Scholastic, which is where I work, but I have no involvement in the making of the series. Wish I did! Then I’d know what’s coming in the next book!

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