A Kid-Authored Tale of Terror, Part 2

October 29th, 2011 by

Happy Halloween!
If you stopped by Kidsmomo yesterday, then you know we’re counting down the days to Halloween with a frightful feature: Every day through the 31st, we’re posting part of the chilling short story “The Stuffing In The Bathtub” by 12-year-old author Naomi Wolfrey!

Here’s what to do:

1. Read Part 1, if you haven’t already.
2. Read Part 2, below.
3. Enter for a chance to win a copy of Dancing With The Pen, the collection of youth writing where “The Stuffing In The Bathtub” was originally published!

And now, get ready to be spooked! We present… the continuation of “The Stuffing In The Bathtub,” written by Naomi Wolfrey, with photos added by us:

I screamed.

Nothing. Either no one heard me or they were ignoring me as usual.

Then I realized my bear was gone. I shouted, “OMG where’s Mr. Teddy Stuffing Stuffers? My number one BFF is missing!”

I tore up my room looking for him. (Not literally, of course — my mother would have a fit.)

I couldn’t find him anywhere! I was seriously about to cry! Then I realized I hadn’t checked the bathroom. I bet Erin put him in there as a joke, I thought. I rushed in, but then I stopped cold. Because there, in the bathtub, was Mr. Teddy Stuffing Stuffers. Surrounded by stuffing. With no head. I screamed again.

As I walked out of the bathroom carrying the headless body, and the head too. I said out loud, “If this is is a joke, it’s a really sick one.” When I set him on the bed, I asked, “OMG Mr. Teddy, what happened?”

Oh, yeah right, I thought, like he’s going to answer me. He has no head!

When I glanced over to Clarice, I noticed her delicate little hands had some white stuffing on them.

And, for the first time that morning, I noticed some scissors on my nightstand. I screamed again, for the third time.

And then what?! Find out in Part 3 of “The Stuffing In The Bathtub” — at your own risk, of course…

(A big thanks to Naomi Wolfrey for granting permission for us to re-publish this super creepy story! Thanks also to Dallas Woodburn from Write On! For Literacy for providing the prize for our sweeps!)

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