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Last week I asked y’all to pull letters out of book titles, and THIS week it’s all about completely new titles! This week’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself) has a fun twist: Create titles based on the POV of side characters in a book or series.

Before I continue, WARNING: Titles below are a little or a lot spoiler-y, depending on your personal stance on spoilers. But sometimes spoilers make the reading experience better, as Karen pointed out in her post earlier this week! Or think about it this way: spoiled milk is gross, but when it comes down to it… cheese is a form of spoiled milk, and cheese is awesome!

No? That’s not a convincing argument? Well, excusez-moi! Pardon my tangent and back to Alternate Book Titles, then: here are some for the Harry Potter series. Some of these hilarious titles were taken from other kidlit-obssessed people around the Internet, and some are my own creation!

Click the links to see the titles:

For Argus Filch, caretake of Hogwarts’, perspective
    1. Argus Filch and The Year I Cleaned After a Troll.
    2. Argus Filch and MY CAT IS PETRIFIED!
    3. Argus Filch and Nothing Significant.
    4. Argus Filch and I Hate Cleaning Up After Other Schools
    5. Argus Filch and I Love Umbridge
    6. Argus Filch and Umbridge Isn’t Here Anymore.
    7. Argus Filch and There Are Students Out Of Bed Everywhere!

Or Severus Snape

    1. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from Quirrell.
    2. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from a Book.
    3. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from a Dog.
    4. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from a Former Rat.
    5. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from Umbridge.
    6. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy from Death Eaters.
    7. Severus Snape and Saving the Potter boy and Dying in the Process: That good-for-nothing replica of his arrogant father but his eyes are so much like Lily’s!

Or Narcissa Malfoy

    1. Narcissa Malfoy and My Baby Is Not Going To Durmstrang
    2. Narcissa Malfoy and What Happened to Our House Elf, Lucius
    3. Narcissa Malfoy and the Injury of her Poor Baby
    4. Narcissa Malfoy and The Smelling of Foulness Under Her Nose
    5. Narcissa Malfoy and the Time My Sister Broke Out of Azkaban and Came to Live in Her House
    6. Narcissa Malfoy and He’s Just a Boy
    7. Narcissa Malfoy and That Time She Saved the World

BTW, if you haven’t read Harry Potter yet, these descriptions will have no effect on you. Maybe at this point you’re thinking, “It’s too late, I’m so behind.” But now you can pick up the series and say, “I loooooove the fourth Narcissa Malfoy book but the last one is ultimately my favorite!” And then you can enter our Harry Potter/Narcissa Malfoy Sweepstakes, where we’re giving away lots of wizarding goodies!

Leave a comment with YOUR alternate book titles — or a single book title. (It doesn’t have to be for Harry Potter or even a series!)

— Nancy

If Nancy’s life were a series, she would want the first book to be: Nancy and Putting Her Rockstar Life Behind When She Got Her Hogwarts Letter. But alas, it’s more like: Nancy and The Staring of a Computer.
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