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October 16th, 2011 by

Confession: Instead of writing a proper blog entry, I spent a good chunk of my time reading the recently released The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (SPOILER: it’s really good so far). Since there aren’t very many words in this blog entry, I thought… maybe you guys can come up with your own words! So I present to you: the first Kidsmomo Crossword Puzzle! The theme is… uh, “No Theme.”

Here’s a PDF for download if you’d like to print it.

4. Chicken Emergency Location
6. City of __________
7. Has a horse and lots of gold!
8. Celestial schoolmate who changes Leo’s life
10. Dangerous games were held (Think the Pyramids, not Panem)
11. Jason or Percy
13. Wolf-dog with harsh life in Alaska
16. A pest
17. Follows you everywhere, like a loyal dog
1. It’s the Sorcerer’s or Philosopher’s, depending on where you live
2. Hunting an Dutch Artist
3. Dig for missing treasure
5. Describes garden and names of books
7. The _____ and the Great one
9. Jonas’ new job: The _____
12. ______ Wong, Millicent’s (fre)nemy
14. Nim’s _____ or ______ of the Blue Dolphins
15. ____ are meant to be broken… (Also by Cynthia Lord)

And to make this a community challenge: Leave a comment with ONE answer and together, with other Kidsmomo readers, solve the puzzle! Once it’s done, the next puzzle will be posted shortly after.

— Nancy

Nancy enjoys all sorts of puzzles and when completing one, often shouts “YES!!!” really loud (to herself) as if she’s at an exciting, high-energy ballgame (but she’s not).

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  • liam writes:
    February 26th, 2018 at 10:21 am

    great crossword.

    1 down is “stone”

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