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Imagine one day you’re the undisputed leader of your school, and the next day everyone is making fun of you because of your new glasses and braces. Would you get revenge? Scheme to regain your status? Or enjoy meeting people in a new social group (especially cute people)?

In How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston, queen bee Kacey experiences all of the above — and it’s a wild ride to read about! And who better to tell you all about it than the author herself?

Meg Haston stopped by to say hi and answer a few of our questions — and we made her sing a song for you guys. Literally. Check it out, only on Kidsmomo:

ZOMG! She sounds amazing, doesn’t she? If she didn’t seem so sweet and innocent, we’d guess that Meg bribed a professional singer to stand in for her. We don’t actually see Meg doing the singing, right?

Anyway, here’s that interview Meg mentioned in her video:

The book is being adapted as a TV show on Nick. Are you involved? How closely will the show follow the original story?
Meg Haston: The show is a new live action comedy series called How to Rock, and will air beginning in early 2012. Like the book, the show will follow tell-it-like-it-is queen bee Kacey Simon as she figures out how to balance popularity with being a good friend and a rockin’ lead singer for the band Gravity. And like the book, music plays a major role in the story. The show stars an incredible musical talent, Cymphonique Miller, and will feature original music.

The development of the book and TV show are fairly separate. Translation: Sadly, I can’t get you an audition, or score your cousin a new gig as a background actor. I can keep writing books that will rock your socks off, if that’s any consolation.

(For more on the show and its stars, plus fun activities, check out!)

A rockin’ band plays a big role in the book. Do you have any “guilty pleasure” songs that you love?
Meg Haston: Since music plays such an important role in the book, music played an important role in my writing process. As I wrote, I listened to everything from Joni Mitchell to Beyonce to Bob Dylan. You can check out a playlist of the songs I listened to during the writing of the book here.

But you asked about guilty pleasure songs, didn’t you? Right now, my guilty pleasure is Katy Perry. And once, I downloaded a Lindsay Lohan song. Although there’s a little more guilt and a little less pleasure involved in that one. Sorry, LL.

In the book, Kacey has an advice segment on the school TV show. Here’s a letter from us to her. Any chance she’d give us some advice?

Dear Simon Says,

We have a major crush on a great guy. He’s smart, funny, and cute. Not to mention creative (he has his own band!). He totally gets us, and he likes us for who we are. But here’s the problem: he’s a character in a book! Is this relationship doomed?

Sincerely, Crushing on Kidlit

The response:

Dear Crushing,

Your crush sounds AMAZING! Funny, smart, totally adorable, and, um… fictional.

In related news, I saw a wisecracking golden retriever on TV last night that apparently meets your dating criteria. Interested?

Let’s get to the real issue, Crushed. You want a crush who’s cool, smart, and creative. A crush like Zander Jarvis from How to Rock Braces and Glasses. But you’re worried you won’t be able to find a non-fictional crush with those characteristics.

Simon Says: Guys like Zander are out there. I promise. But they can be tough to find. Follow my Dating Do’s, and you’ll be singing sweet duets in no time.

1. Do: Do something. Join a club, a sports team, or a theater group to find friends (and crushes) who are interested in the same things you are. You’ll have a blast, and maybe even meet a few cool peeps along the way.

2. Do: Put good karma out there, and you’ll get it back. Trust me, Crushing: I know what I’m talking about here. Putting good vibes out there means you’ll get good vibes back. And putting harsh vibes out there means… well, you’ll just have to read How to Rock Braces and Glasses to find out.

3. Do: Refuse to settle. In spite of your tendency to crush on fictional characters, I’m betting you’re pretty great. So give some thought to all the things you want and deserve in a crush, and don’t stop looking until you’ve found them.

And remember, there are always wise-cracking golden retrievers.


Kacey Simon

Wow, thank you to Meg Haston for passing our letter along to Kacey! And for answering our questions and sending us a video — not to mention
singing just for us! Now that you know how awesome Meg is and you’ve heard from Kacey directly, why don’t you get to know them both even better by entering our sweepstakes for a chance to win the book?



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