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July 7th, 2011 by

Recently, someone posted this question to kidlit lovers around the interwebs: Is there any book you read over and over again every summer?

My short answer: No.

But obviously, I’m going to treat you all to my long answer; otherwise, this would be a very teeny blog post!

So here’s my long answer:

Since new Harry Potter books and movies often come out in the summer, I usually re-read old HP books in preparation. So, I guess you could say I read that series (in part) every summer.

But if you consider that cheating, then I’ll have to turn to a childhood favorite that I used to read over and over again: The Baby-sitter’s Club Super Special #1: Baby-sitters on Board! Yep, that’s right. Not exactly high-brow literature, but completely entertaining, and I LOVED my copy to tatters. It’s because of those girls’ adventures on a Disney cruise that I begged and begged my parents to take me on a similar vacation.

And was I successful? Well, we did make it to Disney World, and I eventually went on a cruise with a friend many, many years later. But I’m sorry to report that I did NOT meet a “stowaway,” go on a hunt for buried treasure, charge a manicure to my cabin, or meet a ghost — all of which happened in the pages of Baby-sitters on Board! I DID stuff my face on snacks, but that’s not so different from my normal life anyway…

So, what about you? Is there any book that you read over and over again every summer? If not, maybe it’s time you find one! Check out our recommended reads for this fun-filled, sun-filled season:

— Karen

Have you ever eaten a barbeque dinner at 5:00 pm and then a full three-course meal at 7:00? Well, Karen has. And if you want to, then she highly suggests you go on a cruise.

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