“Tortilla Sun” — A Tasty Treat

April 28th, 2011 by

Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes had me at the title. Hello, I love a nice, warm, slightly chewy, sort of soft tortilla! Yum… Sorry, distracted.

Anyway, I know I’m supposed to write an original book review and all, but really, I think the prologue of this book says it best:

This is a cuento, a story about magic, love, hope, and treasure. If you read this under the glow of the moon or by the light of the summer sun, listen for whispers in any breeze that passes by. Then close your eyes and let the cuento take you to where magic still exists and spells of fear and hope are told through the heart of the storyteller.

There, that gives you a good idea of what kind of book you’re getting into, doesn’t it?

I must say that when I saw that prologue on the first page, I got VERY excited. I love books that are whimsical and bittersweet and thoughtful — and involve food — and I could tell I’d be getting all of that in Tortilla Sun. And I was not disappointed! The book totally delivered.

So, there you have it — everything you need to know about Tortilla Sun.

Fine, if you insist on making me do my job, here’s a little info about the story: Izzy’s been raised by her mother since her dad died before she was born. They get along fine most of the time, but her mom refuses to talk about Izzy’s dad, which is really frustrating — especially when Izzy finds a mysterious baseball that must have belonged to him. It has the words “because” and “magic” written on it in marker, and Izzy’s mom won’t give a word of explanation.

Luckily for Izzy, she soon gets sent off to New Mexico for the summer, to stay with her grandmother, whom she’s never met. And along with learning how to make tortillas, she gets the answers to some of her questions. Plus, she makes some new friends. And did I mention there’s food involved?

Well, I hope you demanding people are happy now! You have your full book review, so why don’t you go out and read Tortilla Sun already?

— Karen

A few years ago, Karen’s friend threw a taco party at her apartment and someone actually made tortillas right there in the kitchen. Then Karen promptly put fried fish, cabbage, and hot sauce in the middle and ate them all up. 😀

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  • Charlotte writes:
    April 28th, 2011 at 8:37 am

    I enjoyed this one lots too!

  • Kelly writes:
    May 8th, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Thank you for supporting Book Talk Tuesday!

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