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We-Dine-with-Cannibals-C-Alexander-LondonWould you rather travel the globe, facing constant danger but experiencing new wonders every day, OR would you rather sit on your couch and watch TV? Well, guess what — sometimes you don’t actually get a choice! Such is the fate of Celia and Oliver Navel, the reluctant heroes of the Accidental Adventures series by C. Alexander London.

If you read Karen’s review of Book 1: We Are Not Eaten By Yaks, then you know that the Navel twins are forced into a crazy globe-trotting quest to rescue their parents, even though they’d much rather be at home enjoying cable television.

Well, in Book 2: We Dine With Cannibals, poor Celia and Oliver are once again drawn into an intriguing journey — and they are NOT happy about it! What lies in store for the Navels? Find out in this exclusive video from the author himself:

Don’t worry — C. Alexander London managed to escape from that tiger unharmed. We know because we just saw him a couple days ago at the release party for We Dine With Cannibals, which was held at the Books of Wonder store in NYC!


The adventurous author in the wilds of Books of Wonder


Cannibal snacks: FINGER sandwiches, RED velvet cupcakes, and BLOOD orange juice!

First, London read part of his book involving fire ants, underwear, and a teen super celebrity that London based on a cross between Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild and Justin Bieber:

After his reading, London took questions from the audience, during which he revealed:

  • He based Oliver and Celia on himself and his sister, Mandy. Apparently, Celia and Mandy are very similar in their bossiness!
  • There are four Accidental Adventures books planned, but London doesn’t rule out the possibility of more in the future. Makes sense to us — this is the ACCIDENTAL Adventure series, after all!
  • The next book will be called We Give a Squid a Wedgie — and upon announcing this, London had the epiphany that he’s apparently obsessed with underwear.
  • In the fourth book, the Navels go someplace very cold — but London wouldn’t give more details than that!
  • London has never met a Viking.

Intrigued? Well, luckily for you, London was kind enough to take a break from all his adventuring and book partying to answer a few questions just for Kidsmomo:

You’ve done a lot of traveling yourself. What is the most surprising experience that you’ve ever had in your travels? And what is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?
C. Alexander London: I have done a lot of traveling, which gave me the inspiration for this series, in fact, and I like traveling a bit more than Oliver and Celia Navel do. Part of the fun of travel is that it is always full of surprises. I’ve had some pretty crazy accidental adventures myself, from the time on my 22nd birthday when I was in the Eastern Congo and Mt. Nyiragongo erupted, forcing an evacuation of the city where I was staying, to the time I accidentally wandered into the middle of the first mass protests in Burma in decades. It was on that trip to Burma, in fact, that I came up with the idea for this series.

As to the food, I love strange eating. I tried fried scorpion in Thailand, and was kind of disappointed. It mostly just tasted greasy. I once accidentally ate a curry made with some goat… well, unmentionables. It wasn’t bad actually; I’m just glad I didn’t know what I was eating until afterwards. In New Orleans, I ate an amazing alligator cheesecake (it was savory, not sweet). In the Middle East, I ate all kinds of brains and guts and innards — quite tasty! I’m a big believer that anything can taste good if it’s deep fried. It’s not so healthy, but when you’re eating brains and guts and innards, health isn’t the first thing that goes through your mind.

The Navel twins love TV, and they would surely love their lives to be turned into a TV show. If it were, any thoughts on the actors who would play them?

C. Alexander London: Before the series is over, Oliver and Celia will have an argument about this themselves. Oliver would love to be played by someone famous and super slick. Celia thinks he should be played by a lizard. As for my opinion, I’m just not sure… Given how long it takes movies and TV shows to get made, I have to wonder if the actor to play them has even been born yet!

There is definitely some rivalry in the Explorers Club — who do you think would win in a fight: Magellan, Christopher Columbus, or Amelia Earhart?
C. Alexander London: Well, Magellan and Christopher Columbus were both pretty tough fighters who were not afraid to get their hands dirty or their swords bloody, but Amelia Earhart was no slouch either, and, having an airplane, she could probably put some serious fear into the other two. But I think Magellan would probably come out ahead. He did a lot of fighting in his day, back when exploring meant violent conquest more than scientific discovery.

Is it just us, or does London have enough stories to fill a fifth Accidental Adventures book — featuring fist fights at the Explorers Club, a lizard posing as a human, and deep-fried innards? We’d read that book!

In the meantime, check out We Are Not Eaten By Yaks and We Dine With Cannibals. Then leave a comment with your thoughts or send in a full review. (And if you’ve ever eaten a weird foodstuff yourself, you obviously MUST leave a comment with the details!)

And thanks so much to C. Alexander London for sending this video and answering our questions, even while being chased by a tiger!

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  • @teacher6th writes:
    November 17th, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Great review of the book release party of the century!
    After reading both books, I can’t wait for the next- I have even given Mr. London specific orders to get busy writing! Reading these adventures are worth eating any fried insects you send my way- chocolate sauce and whipped cream would be a nice touch…

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