December Charity Drive News!

December 6th, 2012 by

Last week, we announced the Kidsmomo December Charity Drive. Here’s a quick refresher:


For every kid-written review we publish this month, we’ll donate $1 to charity (up to $100) — and through the magic of matching donations, every $1 we donate will become $6 for UNICEF, which helps kids in need around the world.

But the big news is… If you submit a review before Tuesday, 12/11, then even more $$$ will go to charity! Until 12/11, every review YOU send to Kidsmomo will result in $12 for kids in need. That’s right, 1 review = 12 buckaroos to help struggling kids around the world! That’s because UNICEF is doubling donations for a limited time only.

So it’s true that we have all month to reach our goal of 100 kid reviews and $600 for charity. And if you’re like us, you may be inclined to wait until the end of December to send in your book review. And that’s okay because it will still count, even if you procrastinate like we always do. (What does “procrastinate” mean? We’ll tell you later. HA HA HA HA. Er, that’s a joke you won’t get if you really don’t know what “procrastinate” means.)

BUT if you send in a review before 12/11, your review will go twice as far in helping UNICEF. They’re asking people to pick from a bunch of different life-saving and life-changing gifts. For example, here’s what YOUR reviews could pay for:

  • 3 reviews = 12,000 high energy biscuits to fight hunger
  • 4 reviews = two specially-designed carrying boxes so medicine can be delivered to children in hard-to-reach places
  • 5 reviews = 1,800+ vitamin and nutrient packets for malnourished children

So, if you’re planning to participate in our charity drive, do it now! Submit your review before Tuesday, 12/11, and it will result in $12 to help needy children worldwide.

PS – Your review doesn’t have to be about the last book you read. It can be about any book you’ve ever read. Got a favorite that you think everyone else should read? Review that one!

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