An Animated Review of Mr. and Mrs. Bunny — Detectives Extraordinaire!

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spoiler-alert mr-and-mrs-bunny-detectives-extraodinaireWarning! Warning! Warning! This post contains SPOILERS! That’s right. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens in Mr. and Mrs. Bunny — Detectives Extraordinaire!, written by Polly Horvath and illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

Actually, correction: The book is written by Mrs. Bunny and has been translated from the Rabbit (language) by Polly Horvath. Thanks, Polly!

When I first saw the title and the cover of this book, I was like:


And then I told Karen about it, and we were like:


Because she totally wanted to read it, too! But since I started to read it before her, she was like:


So I hope it’s okay that I spill the beans on some parts of the book…

First, we meet Madeline (a human) and her parents, Mildred and Flo (two human hippies). Madeline is a thousand times more responsible than her parents, even though they are the adults.

Then, we meet the Bunnys (two rabbits). I was very surprised to find out they spoke English.


The Bunnys’ litter of bunnies have grown up and now their home feels too big, so they decide to relocate to Rabbitville, where plenty of other rabbits live. By Mrs. Bunny’s account, there is a little town somewhere inhabited by clothed rabbits living in houses, baking pastries, holding town meetings, and doing all the everyday ordinary things that you and I would be doing.


Maybe some of them even have desk jobs, like this guy:


But back to the story at hand… Unfortunately, a group of foxes kidnap Madeline’s parents because they are related to Uncle Runyon, a brilliant code-breaker. The foxes want to track down Uncle Runyon so they can translate a recipe for cooking rabbits.



Madeline meets Mr. and Mrs. Bunny (illus. Sophie Blackall)

So, of course, Madeline — being the responsible one — goes to the rescue! She finds a recipe card with an undecipherable code and she seeks out Uncle Runyon, but he isn’t really much help. He’s decided to avoid the drama by putting himself in a coma.

Meanwhile, the Bunnys have decided to become detectives. This just happens to be the Bunnys’ latest hobby, and they spend a good amount of time shopping for fedoras — which is obviously the most appropriate headwear for detectives (see image on left).

Serendipitously, Madeline meets the Bunnys… and that’s when we find out that it’s not that rabbits can speak English, but that Madeline is actually extra special: she can understand and speak animal languages! She’s an animal whisperer.

So now the multi-species story is starting to come together!


Mr. and Mrs. Bunny really take a shine to Madeline, and even consider adopting her:


Hmmm. At the rate this blog entry is going, I’m never going to get to the end of the book. You’re probably like:


So I’ll speed this up:

There are some really funny moments, like…

• When Mr. Bunny must wear platform shoes to drive his car (since his rabbit legs are so short).

• Or when Madeline gets stuck in a door because of her GIGANTIC BOTTOM. (In the book, Madeline’s booty is always referred to in all capital letters, so I decided to respect Mrs. Bunny’s style of writing here.)


• Or when we meet the imposing but oblivious neighbor, Mrs. Treaclebunny, and a freeloading marmot named The Marmot (“The” being his first name). This is how I felt about them:


But they both (eventually) help Madeline and the Bunnys, so I came around to them:


• And when the foxes start getting hungry and noticing how delicious Flo and Mildred’s fingers look…


Closer to the end of the book, I was like:


So when the story all comes together and Madeline’s parents are saved (hey, I told you there were spoilers!), I was like…


So in conclusion, you should definitely pick up a copy of Mr. and Mrs. Bunny  Detectives Extraordinaire. Even though you were probably scrolling on this webpage for a while, there’s SO MUCH MORE I didn’t even get to. If you don’t get a chance to read the book, I’ll be like:


But if you have read Madeline and Mr. and Mrs. Bunny’s adventures, leave a comment below or send in a review! Until next time!


— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy really likes bunnies (and pretty much all animals). Just look at them! Don’t you want them to solve a kidnapping for you?!

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