Bigger than a Breadbox: Book Review

October 4th, 2013 by

Bigger-than-a-Bread-BoxRecently, I reviewed The Great Unexpected and mentioned how much I love magic realism (stories that take place in our regular world, but with a surprise bit of magic thrown in).

Well, if you’re also into magic realism, then I have another book to recommend: Bigger than a Breadbox by Laurel Snyder.

It’s about Rebecca, whose family is falling about. Her mother picks up Rebecca and her little brother and moves the three of them from Baltimore to Atlanta to live with their Gran, away from their dad. Rebecca’s mom says it’s just temporary while she figures things out, but it’s long enough that Rebecca has to start at a new school and doesn’t know when she’ll see her dad or her home again.

Of course, Rebecca is miserable. The only thing that makes life more bearable is a bread box that she finds in the attic. It’s no ordinary bread box; it grants wishes. As long as what you ask for fits inside the box, it delivers.

Now, this may sound like the start of a wondrous adventure, but wishes can be very tricky, and Rebecca’s problems have no easy fix. So this book is just as much about the magic as it is about Rebecca and how she deals with her tough situation.

As you can tell, this book is not quite as whimsical as The Great Unexpected, so it’s an interesting contrast when you think about them both being magic realism. Also, if you’ve read Penny Dreadful, which is another book by Laurel Snyder, you’ll find that Bigger than a Breadbox is way more serious than Penny Dreadful, even though Bigger than a Breadbox involves magic and Penny Dreadful does not.

I’d recommend Bigger than a Breadbox for fans of Summer of the Gypsy Moths and Liar & Spy.

If you’ve already read Bigger than a Breadbox or any of the books I’ve mentioned, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Or tell me what you’d wish for if you had a magic bread box like Rebecca’s!

— Karen

Karen thinks hotels should use magic bread boxes to help visitors get items they accidentally left at home, like phone chargers and toothbrushes.

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  • kiddiemomo writes:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I sooooooooooooooooooooooo want to read this book. But I cannot find it at ”Barnes & Noble” or my library.

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