Bliss (Bliss Bakery Trilogy #1): Book Review

August 1st, 2013 by

Bliss_Kathryn-LittlewoodIn case you haven’t noticed, we (Karen and Nancy) at Kidsmomo have two great loves: reading* and eating.

Evidence for reading: This website and the hours we spend curled up with a book.

Evidence for eating: Our tummies and the many posts mentioning food.

To my delight, I discovered the book Bliss, which is Book One of the Bliss Bakery Trilogy by Kathryn Littlewood — starring Rosemary Bliss, whose family runs a local bakery and makes magical treats for the little town of Calamity Falls. The magical treats include muffins that inspire love, snickerdoodles that cure sleepwalking, fluffy white macaroons that make you float, and lots more.

The Bliss family is an odd bunch:

  • Rose, our heroine, loves to bake and longs to become a magical baker like her parents. Full name: Rosemary Bliss.
  • Ty is her older brother, and everyone thinks is very handsome and a great athlete. He is. He’s also rather vain and self absorbed. Full name: Thyme Bliss.
  • Sage, her nine-year-old younger brother, is a well-meaning blabbermouth. Full name: Sage Bliss.
  • Leigh, her three-year-old baby sister, is a walking hurricane of energy and loves to take Polaroid pictures. Full name: Parsley Bliss.
  • Albert and Purdy Bliss, her parents, are wonderfully kind — but they don’t trust Rose to bake magic treats (yet).
  • Aunt Lily, her very distantly related aunt, is beautiful, charming, and glamorous — everything Rose thinks she isn’t. Aunt Lily mysteriously appears right when Albert and Purdy have to leave town.

And then there’s also the centuries-old Bliss Cookery Booke that holds the family’s history and the magical recipes, which include baffling ingredients like “the first wind of Autumn” and an “egg of the Masked Lovebird.” Rose and Ty can’t help but whip up a recipe (or two or three), and they discover the price of magic — such as a throng of screaming girls chasing madly after Ty, or all the townsfolk walking and talking backwards.

At first, I was a little annoyed by everyone in the book. For instance, why is Rose so down on herself? She doesn’t need to be pretty, she can make MAGIC PASTRIES! And augh, Ty is so stuck-up! And why can’t Sage and Leigh just behave?! But then I realized — all the characters in the book are just like the people you and I know and love, and that was a big reason why I really loved the book. All the characters are deliciously relatable in one way or another!

I also became addicted to solving the puzzle of Aunt Lily. What is she up to? Is she the villain, or am I being paranoid? Am I supposed to love or hate her? A mini-spoiler alert: Even after finishing Book One, I’m still not convinced one way or another. (Let us know what you think in the comments below!) So now, I’m off to read Book Two of the series: A Dash of Magic!


icon_nancyNancy helped make cookies last night, and the cinnamon-sugar dusted on top looked just like fairy dust!

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*DisclaimerHarry Potter and all other book-related things fall under “reading.” Family falls under unconditional love, so I didn’t bother to include it — except it is pretty relevant for this review, because family plays a big role in this book!

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