Charity Drive Update: One More Week!

January 2nd, 2013 by

A big thanks to all of you who’ve participated in our December Charity Drive! For those of you who haven’t yet joined in, we have some good news: we’re extending the deadline to January 7th!


Yes, we know that technically, that makes it no longer a December Charity Drive, but we also know that the last couple of weeks have probably been pretty un-normal for you, with school being out and maybe you’ve been out of town or maybe out-of-town visitors have been staying with your family, etc. So we figured we’d give a week of extra time to get yourself in the game.

Plus, we got 24 book reviews today — count ’em, 24 in a single day! Maybe all those guys didn’t have computer access over the holidays, or maybe they were too busy eating candy canes to use their hands for typing, or perhaps everyone’s new year’s resolution is to write more reviews for Kidsmomo (which we would LOVE, btw). Whatever the reason, those 24 reviews in one day tell us that you guys aren’t done yet!

So you have through January 7th to submit YOUR book review for our December Charity Drive! Don’t forget, every review = $6 for UNICEF to help needy kids around the world.

And, of course, check out the latest reviews from kids like you in our Reviews by You(th) section. We’ll be adding more from today’s submissions, plus new ones as they come in!

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