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close-to-famous_joan-bauerNote from Kidsmomo: This book is recommended for kids ages 10+

Submitted by Tiffany, Age 12 from Ohio

Rating: ★★★★☆

Tiffany B’s “Close To Famous By Joan Bauer” Review

‘Close To Famous’ is about a 12-year old girl named Foster McFee. She’s the protagonist in the story along with Rayka McFee, whom she calls ‘Mama’.

PLOT: Even though Foster has a natural-born talent for baking (especially at cupcakes), she yearns to have her own cooking show, and restaurant, called ‘Cooking With Foster’, but she’s struggling with that dream near the beginning of the story; along with Mama’s abusive ex-boyfriend Huck, but when they move from Memphis and Nashville to West Virginia, Culpepper, things start changing for the worst…or is it…?

CHARACTER (S): (I wanted to make this review ‘short and sweet’, so that’s what I’m exactly going to do!)

As you know, there can be too many characters to name off in some books, but I’m just going to name off the characters that really pulled me more into ‘Close To Famous’:

Foster McFee: I think Foster is the most mature child in ‘Close To Famous’ because she mostly cooks for her Mama, even at such a young age, because she knows that her Mama is terrible at it, but she doesn’t complain. When she knew that her life was at a bad standstill, she took a step up and decided to get a cupcake-selling job  at Angry Wayne’s Hardware Store because she knew that her Mama was at a bad spot right then.

Miss Charleena: She really pulled me in the most because of her nature: she sounded like a woman who was too lost in her own world and really was just trying to be normal just. once. Even though Miss Charleena was a famous actress and always liked being secluded in the darkness, she always believed in Foster and helped her all the way through the trauma both of them received.

Macon Dillard: At first, I thought Macon was going to be one of the antagonists in ‘Close To Famous’, but then near page 240-something, I started warming up to his character. He was one of those determined children (alongside Foster) in this story,and he also never let an obstacle stand in his way of being a film-maker. He was also a new friend of Foster, which I was hoping for because it shows development in the story itself.

Kitty: Even though Kitty doesn’t appear that often in ‘Close To Famous’, she still brought some humor throughout the story, which I think every story needs– some laughter.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: I honestly think that this book would be most enjoyable to the kind of people that like a character that has development in their background and fights for what they believe in. A character that stays determined to their mind and sets a goal for themself.

RECOMMENDATION (S): I only recommend this to people who are willing to give this book a chance, because I think its a very heartwarming and thrilling book!

1. Don’t judge any type of book before actually reading all of it. You might actually like the story!
2. This book doesn’t have any pictures at all, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be less exciting and attractive.
3. I think it’ll be a lot better if you picture the events going on through your head; that’s what I did throughout the book!

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  • Elaina writes:
    April 29th, 2014 at 10:16 am

    I got this book for christmas, i tried to read it… But, i did not like it. AND WOW!!!! YOU WROTE ALOT!!! i give this book a 1 -star rating:(

  • Grace writes:
    May 1st, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    who is the pro and antagonist

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