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explorer-lost-islandsQ: What do you get when you take seven comic illustrators/graphic novelists and throw them in the ocean?

A: Explorer: The Lost Islands!

Edited by Kazu Kibuishi, it’s a collection of short stories in comic style, with each story taking place on a fantastical island you won’t find on any map (except in your imagination).

All the artists’ styles are really different from each other, so Explorer: The Lost Islands is a total visual treat. Also perfect for people with short attention spans!

My personal favorite stories are: “Carapace” by Jason Cafoe, “The Mask Dance” by Chrystin Garland, and “Radio Adrift” by Katie Shanahan and Steven Shanahan.


Photo from artist Katie Shanahan’s website

“Carapace” follows the adventures of a boy who wakes up on a strange island and befriends the ghost spirit of a ginormous crab that died and can’t find peace. (It’s much funnier and more light-hearted than it sounds.) “The Mask Dance” is about an exotic carnival that turns spooky. And “Radio Adrift” is about a mage in training who discovers that a radio DJ is the key to hatching her magical egg.

explorer-mystery-boxesBtw, did you know that editor Kazu Kibuishi did all the illustrations for the new Harry Potter book covers that just came out? So he knows what he’s doing!

If you ended up on a desert island, what would you bring with you? And what would you want the island to be like? Leave a comment and let me know!

And if you like  Explorer: The Lost Islands, also check out Explorer: The Mystery Boxes!

— Karen

Karen would bring a personal sushi chef to a desert island. And some good books, of course!

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