Nola’s Worlds by Mathieu Mariolle

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Have you seen this book on shelves lately: Nola’s Worlds #1: Changing Moon by Mathieu Mariolle? If so, congrats — you’re looking at something that’s traveled all the way from France! (It picked up a translation on the way.)

In Changing Moon, we meet…

  • Nola: a girl who’s always late for school, who’s fiercely independent (because her parents aren’t around much), and who gets mixed up with…
  • Damiano, a boy in her class that she may or may not have a tiny crush on. And he (along with his equally mysterious sister Inés) may or may not have super powers.
  • Nola confides in her best friend Pumpkin (yes, that’s her real name) and there’s also some suspicious alien/creature/monster/???  characters lurking around their picturesque town of Alta Dona (not a real place).

Nola’s World books is actually a graphic novel series, so you should definitely pick it up if you like cute illustrations like these:

Also check out Changing Moon if you like these books:

  • Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi
  • Bone series by Jeff Smith
  • Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

Have you read Changing Moon or any of the sequels (Ferrets and Ferreting Out or Even for a Dreamer Like Me)? Leave your thoughts in the comments or send in a book review!


icon_nancyNancy also wants to point out that the title of the book is explained… but only in the very last few pages of the book! Read it and find out for yourself!

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