The Adventures of Nanny Piggins: Book Review

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nanny-piggins_ra-sprattA few warnings for The Adventures of Nanny Piggins, written by R.A. Spratt and illustrated by Dan Santat:

  1. This book will make you hungry.
  2. This book will confuse you.
  3. This book will make you laugh!

In order to avoid his three children, Mr. Green, a stingy workaholic lawyer, decides to hire a nanny — but he doesn’t want to pay for one. So when Nanny Piggins shows up at his door and says her rate is 10 cents an hour, she’s hired on the spot! And so begins the adventures of Nanny Piggins and her three charges: Derrick, Samantha, and Michael.

The book is illustrated by Dan Santat, whose illustrations are just completely awesome:

So, back to my original warnings…

1. This book will make you hungry.

Explanation: Nanny Piggins is, after all, a pig. She has an insatiable urge to eat chocolate (along with pies, cakes, and other deliciously unhealthy treats), and the book mentions this a lot — which made me feel pretty hungry when I read it too. The only thing I wasn’t really hungry for was bacon, because Nanny Piggins makes you feel a little guilty about eating bacon.

2. This book will confuse you.

Explanation: Nanny Piggins is a wonderful, sweet, caring, but sometimes TERRIBLE nanny. She’s not fond of the kids attending school or doing their homework.

A rare moment of responsibility: Nanny Piggins decides not to throw a heavy object on a rival nanny.

A rare moment of responsibility: Nanny Piggins decides not to throw a heavy object on a rival nanny.

And as I alluded to above, it’s really not healthy to eat roomfuls of chocolate! Literally. Roomfuls of chocolate. Even the author has a disclaimer at the beginning of the book:

“Unless you are a pig, do not copy Nanny Piggin’s diet IN ANY WAY. You see, pigs and humans have very different bodies. Pigs are a different shape, for a start (mainly because they eat so much). Plus, Nanny Piggins is an elite athlete so she has a freakishly fast metabolism that can burn a lot of calories.”

The rest of the disclaimer is also quite amusing, which leads me to…

3. This book will make you laugh!

Explanation: Even though she dresses impeccably, Nanny Piggins is still a pig. So even though she can bake delicious pies… she also can’t help but eat ALL of them. She has an adopted brother, an eight-foot-tall Russian ballet dancing bear. She manages to reform a burglar by assigning him household chores… and much more!

Think of this book as a combination of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Mary Poppins, and The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events): So if you like any of those books, you’ll love The Adventures of Nanny Piggins!

Here’s Nanny Piggins herself, telling you a little more about “her” book.

So, what do you think? Are you going to join Nanny Piggins on her adventures? Let us know in the comments!


icon_nancyOne of Nancy’s nicknames growing up was Nanny. She was not a fan.

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