The Sasquatch Escape: Book Review

September 3rd, 2013 by

the-sasquatch-escape_suzanne-selforsOver Labor Day weekend, I decided to escape into a book — specifically, The Sasquatch Escape, the first book in The Imaginary Veterinary series by Suzanne Selfors, illustrated by Dan Santat. Now, you might recall how much I already adore Dan Santat’s illustrations but I decided to do a little digging on Ms. Selfors, and on her biography, I found…

Suzanne Selfors lives on an island near Seattle where it rains all the time, which is why she tends to write about cloudy, moss-covered, green places… Her favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, and most especially, Roald Dahl.

Anyone who most especially likes Roald Dahl is okay by me! هابانيرو

Now, back to the book review: Ben Silverstein is sent to live with his grandfather in the rundown town of Buttonville for the summer, and even though he gets to eat junk food and wear whatever clothes he’d like (something his mother would never approve of), he’s still pretty bored. Well, mostly bored — after all, he did see a dragon flying about and his grandfather’s cat delivers an injured baby dragon right to his bedroom floor.

Ben decides to enlists the help of Pearl Petal, a local Buttonville girl with an eye for adventure (or as the adults annoyingly put it, “a troublemaker”). They head to the new veterinarian’s office in town — Dr. Woo’s Worm Hospital. But our suspicions are correct: It’s not a worm hospital at all — it’s actually a secret hospital for imaginary creatures, managed by the very odd, very feline Mr. نتلر Tabby. But disaster — and adventure — strikes when Ben accidentally lets a rather large, rather stinky, and very hairy sasquatch escape into Buttonville. Will Ben and Petal be able to catch the 400-something pound beast? What happens to the injured baby dragon? And who is Dr. Woo, and what is she up to? Pick up The Sasquatch Escape to find out!

This was a perfect, end-of-summer light read — but a teensy bit bittersweet, because as we’re finishing up our summer, Ben Silverstein is just starting his! I’m looking forward to reading the sequels in the Imaginary Veterinary series, The Lonely Lake Monster and The Rain Dragon Rescue, so I can continue living vicariously through Ben’s summer vacation (especially because it promises to be very monster-filled).

Bonus: Check out this amazingly spooky hilarious trailer for the book:

Now to spend the day echoing words like “stampeding squirrels.” …stampeding squirrels

“I’d like to order the blueberry waffles.” …blueberry waffles

“How was the Bruins game yesterday?” …yesterday

“Stop that, Nancy! It’s getting annoying!” …annoying

— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy looooooves reading about cryptozoology (the study of animals not yet proven real — like all ones in the Imaginary Veterinary). She still holds onto the hope that something will be found someday! بت هاوس

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  • kiddiemomo writes:
    February 24th, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    I love ”The Sasquatch Escape”. My teacher made me read it.

  • Littel writes:
    April 1st, 2015 at 7:36 pm


  • skrt writes:
    April 26th, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    this book is good

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