Tunes For Bears To Dance To by Robert Cormier

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Tunes-for-Bears-to-Dance-To_Robert-CormierSubmitted by Alyssa, Age 13 from Ohio

Rating: ★★★★☆

Do you like books with a catch at the end, with suspense? Do you even like books with betrayal? Well this is one of the many you can select to read for yourself. This book had a nice little twist in the end. There were a lot of suspenseful things in this book. There a lot of things where you had to stop and ask yourself why this is happening. This book also has a couple of betrayals. If you get a chance you could count how many as you go along.

The book that I read is called Tunes for Bears to Dance To, and the author is Robert Cormier. Henry’s family is going through a hard time because his older brother just died and so they moved. They moved into an apartment that is across the street from a “crazy house”. Henry sees an old man walk out of their everyday. Henry finds that weird, so one day he follows the old man, it doesn’t go to well. Another day Henry decides to go to the “crazy house” and he sees the old man. The man works on wood art; he crafts little people and buildings. Henry finds out that the place he is building is the old man’s village and all of his neighbors and his family. This old man is a survivor of the holocaust so he is Jewish. Besides that he and Henry grow a relationship. Henry’s boss, Mr. Hairston, finds out and asks Henry to do something. Is it a good thing, a bad thing, but most importantly does Henry even do it?

I would recommend this book to people with good enough patience for the suspense but also someone that doesn’t like long books. This book isn’t very long but it also is such a good book. The book doesn’t squish everything it but it still has everything that it needs. This is a book for someone to read in one sitting. Another book that I would recommend is probably A Gathering of Days because it is short and interesting, but that is a completely different story. Hopefully you pick up this book because it’s good.

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