What Could Go Wrong? by Willo Davis Roberts

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what-could-go-wrong_willo-davis-robertsSubmitted by Jenna, Age 14 from Maine

Rating: ★★★★★


Imagine three innocent kids hopping aboard a plane from Seattle, Washington, to San Francisco to pay a visit to their aunt. It’s as simple as that; they are are seen onto the plane by their parents and met in the San Francisco Airport by their aunt after the flight is over, and watched by the eldest of the three, who has flown by himself many times before. What in the world could possibly go wrong?

This is what 11-year-old Gracie Cameron thought when she and her two cousins, Charlie and Eddie, decided to climb aboard the Seattle airlines, accepting their Aunt Molly’s invitation to San Francisco to pay her a visit. However, Gracie does know that her mischievous cousin Charlie attracts trouble like flowers attract bees, always creating a catastrophe by being the cause of a barn fire or someone’s bones being broken.

But it was not Charlie who caused the trouble this time; it was Gracie herself, who did no more than give a used newspaper to an old lady who had forgotten to purchase one. What could’ve been more innocent than that? She thought the Hawaiian shirt man was finished with it, and was happy to help old Mrs. Basker out by giving her something to read during the long plane ride. Nevertheless, this gracious move on Gracie’s part was where it all started.

The old woman gave Gracie part of the newspaper, the crossword puzzle, to pass the time. As soon as she starts, Gracie finds that part of the puzzle was already filled out by the man who had it before her, yet all of the letters and numbers were filled in in a way that made absolutely no sense. What could all of those random characters mean and why would anyone fill crosswords in like that, anyway?

Although Gracie wonders this, little does she know that this seemingly insignificant crossword puzzle will trigger all of the terrifying events that she and her cousins will find themselves stuck in the middle of in the hours yet to come. A strange disappearance, an unexpected stop in Portland, a bomb alert, and being stalked in the San Francisco Airport were all events that proved to the cousins that they were involved in much more than a mere misunderstanding of taking a newspaper.

“What Could Go Wrong?” is a suspenseful, compelling read that is constantly keeping you on your toes and continuously asking questions. This adventurous mystery proves that even the most ordinary, everyday 11-year-olds can help solve a case and have an adventure that they could never foresee and will never forget.

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  • Nancy from Kidsmomo writes:
    February 1st, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    This review is amazing! So enthusiastic and detailed. Thanks for sending it in, Jenna!

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