Better Nate Than Ever: Book Review

March 12th, 2014 by

better-nate-than-everIf you’re as big a fan of Frozen as Nancy and I are, then you probably belt out “Let It Go” any chance you get (with some “Love Is an Open Door” for good measure). Maybe you even consider yourself a fan of musicals in general now (if you weren’t before).

But if you don’t know every single thing about all of history’s composers and lyricists and you haven’t listened to the original scores of musicals that came out way before you were born and you don’t dream of life on the Great White Way (aka Broadway), well, then you aren’t nearly as big a fan of musicals as Nate, the star of Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle.

Unfortunately for Nate, he lives in a small-minded community in Pennsylvania, not in the heart of New York City. Nate is bullied regularly and only has one friend he can count on, Libby.

But thank goodness for Libby, because together they hatch a plan for Nate to sneak away to NYC for just one day in order to audition for a new Broadway musical based on the movie ET.

Turns out getting to New York is a piece of cake compared to what Nate encounters once he actually gets there. His adventures are anxiety-packed, from getting ready to audition, to meeting with a big-time director, to dealing with the competition, to navigating the big city — but despite the stress, it’s all a joy to read, thanks to Nate’s funny and heartfelt voice.

Even if you’re not a super fan of musicals yourself, you’ll still enjoy following Nate’s journey. And you’ll definitely root for Nate in the hopes that as he finds his way in New York, he’ll also find himself.

Have you already ready Better Nate Than Ever or its sequel, Five, Six, Seven, Nate!? Leave a comment with your thoughts. Or tell me your favorite musical!

— Karen

Karen looooooooves many musicals, not just Frozen. Her favorite is Into the Woods, which is about fairy tale characters who come together in one crazy story — kind of like The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer!

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