Bone Series by Jeff Smith

December 15th, 2014 by

Bone Series Jeff SmithSubmitted by Giovanni G., Age 10 from Rhode Island

Rating: ★★★★★

Have you wondered how bones walk, talk, and move? Well then read this book its called BONE.This book is an action packed novel yet fictional it can seem like its real. In book one its when three cousins get each other in a whole different category of trouble. In book two there all split apart Fone bone is in the woods Smiley bone is working at the cavern and Phony bone is in the woods too but far away from Fone bone. In book three Fone is in a house taken care of by a women I can’t tell you,you have to read the book anyway Smiley is still working at the cavern and Phony bone meets one of his brothers find out in book three. In book four all of the bones meet up but they encounter some enemies that aren’t that good but there masters are the real enemies.
In book five Phony bone has a devilish plan to get them out of the town barrel haven and that includes being a liar and techniclly includes stealing money. In book six the enemies try to break the treaty made back in the great war to have them stay up in the mountains by invading the town of barrel haven. In conclusion think to yourself will they attack or retreat or will the be defeated in battle find out in book seven,eight,nine,and ten.

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