Codename Zero: Book Review

October 5th, 2014 by

codename-zeroAges ago, I recommended The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander. It’s about a guy who’s a fixer at his school, running a business where other students pay him to take care of their problems. I love it because Mac has a knack for what he does; he’s totally in his element.

But in Codename Zero, the latest book by the same author, the main character finds himself thrown into a crazy world he never guessed existed: a web of undercover spies and terrorists at the center of his seemingly dull hometown.

Carson has been waiting his whole life for something exciting to happen — and it finally does when a strange man hands him a box and begs him to deliver it but warns him not to open it. Is it a hoax? Well, as Carson watches that man being kidnapped, he realizes it must be for real.

So starts Carson’s adventure helping out The Agency as they attempt to protect an innocent family and bring down the bad guys.

It’s a gripping read that keeps you guessing. And even though I love The Fourth Stall and its sequels, I appreciate that Carson is just a regular guy who finds himself in an impossible situation. It’s really cool to follow along as he weighs his choices and thinks about the limits of how we can and should get involved. Plus, there’s neat spy gadgets!

I recommend this book to anyone who’s into spy stories, like Lawless and Spy School.

In the book, Carson’s codename is Zero (as you probably guessed from the title). Leave a comment and tell me what you’d want your spy codename to be!

— Karen

Karen’s codename would probably be Foodie. And she’d be a terrible spy because she’d be stopping to snack all the time.

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