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replaySubmitted by Frederick, Age 11 from Michigan

Rating: ★★★★½

Replay is a great book by Sharon Creech, author of Newbery award winning Walk Two Moons. Replay is about a 12 year old named Leo, who has a huge family. One day, he was crying in the corner and when his family asked him what was wrong, he said, ”I’m just a little sardine, squashed in a tin.” But the real drama starts is when Leo walks up to the attic and finds a box with his father’s name on it.The box has a autobiography written by his father at age 13.Leo finds out crazy secrets about his family, father and his dad’s life as he reads the book. Other issues pop up at school, where Leo tries out for the school play, ”Rumpopo’s Porch” and other issues about love and loss in this funny, charming book about family and life.

This book was VERY well-written and I really enjoyed it. If you have a big family you can relate to this and if you don’t, it gives you a realistic view of what a big family is like.
”Pietro? You dropped the meatballs? And you’re putting them back in the bowl?”
Pietro shrugs. ”It was the sardine’s fault.”
”Was not,” Leo says.
Ha! This book is funny, but it also makes you think. How do you think Leo feels in his family? Do the nicknames they call him make him feel bad? I posted another review of this book on a different website and here’s a excerpt: ”Leo finds a old diary in the attic of his house that’s a autobiography of his father at age 13. Leo reads it,and finds out more about his father. Another plot is how Leo tries out for the school play and gets the part of ”Old Crone.” Other issues happen in the funny, inspiring, underappreciated book by Sharon Creech.’’ Sharon Creech did a wonderful job on this book. You will like this book.
There is some minor parts that might be too intense for young readers, as when Papa has a heart attack and when Ruby says how her brother died. There is one term that pops up that younger kids may not understand. For mature readers,this is a great pick. Highly recommended.
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    im reading this book at school its funny and so good the book is so interisting

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    May 1st, 2016 at 11:52 am


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