The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Deborah EllisSubmitted by Sameen, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★½

Breadwinner Book Review

The Breadwinner is a type of realistic fiction book based on Afghanistan. It is partly fiction for the characters like Parvana are not real. It is partly realistic as it tells about real events based on Afghanistan which also includes the Taliban.The major themes in the book are, violence against people, human rights, lack of egalitarianism, double standards, family, and visionary. Most of which are caused under the rules of the Taliban who are the antagonists. The Taliban gave females less freedom than the males. Also the people of Afghanistan and this book have less freedom and are at risk for capture. The protagonist of this book is Parvana she was the innocent main character. The important relationships in the novel are friendship between Parvana and Shauzia. They were mentioned a lot for they are very close friends and classmates. Another relationship is Parvana and her siblings. Parvana loves her siblings Ali and Maryam. Parvana likes taking care of them. The third one”,” is Parvana and her family. They really have a close relationship together. The author wrote about a book which locations are in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. It took place in the 20th century possibly somewhere in the 1990’s. I think the author does make a good job making me think I am in that place. It is because the author used lots of descriptive writing to describe about Afghanistan. Even the author used some onomatopoeia in really good quality in some paragraphs. I also think the author really told about how it was a long time ago in the last century in places with poor egalitarianism like Afghanistan. The main characters were believable because, again, the words describe how Parvana and the others were victims of the Taliban. The main characters were also believable because the words describe how Parvana is like and how her lifestyle is. The person in the world that I think is like Parvana is Malala because, the two innocent girls really try to tell the importance of egalitarianism to stop the Taliban for peace. The author really describes Parvana, but I do not think the author describes Malala although the author sort of mentions her characteristics. I like how the author uses descriptive words to tell the facts of Afghanistan which includes its lack of egalitarianism, also the Taliban. I also appreciate how the author tells about the main character’s [Parvana’s] characteristics, lifestyle of the time and the relationships. I found the book great for really good reasons. I like the fact of the tight relationships between Parvana and Shauzia. For example, when they met each other as tea boys. Parvana has seen the boy holding the tea. She realised the tea boy was her classmate. They really interact with each other. I would recommend this book to people who wants to know about other countries especially Afghanistan. This book can be also for people who are curious especially kids who are inquisitive from ages of 4-8 years. The ages I recommend this book for are ages of 4-12 years.

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