The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

December 11th, 2014 by

The Breadwinner Deborah Ellis
Submitted by Mahad, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★½☆

The Breadwinner is a book about a girl who lives in Afghanistan.She risks her life for her family. Her dad is in a dark cold place. The girls name is Parvana running from the Taliban getting people with her help the family come see the book Breadwinner for more info.

The author payed to much attention on the characters not the places that I did not fill me in the book i could not make any picture in my mind he based it all on the characters and not really anything else. I recommend him to read the book when hes done then he will see a lot of the mistakes he made.Im Urdu so i know all these words like burqa,roti,Karachi and more. I like how he described the characters not the places he described everything except for the places why did he not do that describing the places is almost the main thing and he did not even do that so some people are really picky about books and i’m one of them so the author could do a better job on the places.sorry this is all hate but i’m really picky and this did not really get to me so next time do a better job.

i found the book good for 10 year olds because if a 8 year old reads this bad thing can happen so i don’t recommend people who are Urdu or under the age of 10 because kids can easily have nightmares.

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