The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Book Review
The Breadwinner is a book about a young girl and her family who live in Kabul (in Afghanistan. Her name is Parvana, and she has three siblings, the oldest is Nooria then is Parvana then Maryam then the smallest is Ali (Ali is the only boy and the rest are girls).The Breadwinner is a really interesting book because it has a lot of excitement and the author has put a lot of details, feelings and drama to the book so that was one reason why the book was interesting. The second reason the Breadwinner was interesting because the author made us feel we are the characters by telling every single thing that happened in the book.Parvana is antagonist.

The author is an amazing author because the words and sentences she makes make me feel that I am Parvana.The author is a really interesting person because she gives a lot of details about everything and she also expresses all the feelings that the characters have in them. The author also gives the details that she has inside of her so that’s why I really like her.

I found the book really interesting because it has a lot of excitement and I love excitement The second reason, I found the book really interesting is because -the book has a lot of twists.One of the twist is when Parvana had to dress up as a boy because her dad went to jail.So she had to be a boy to earn money to feed her family. Another surprise is that hat one day Parvana met another “BOY“ that was actually a girl in her class.

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