The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Deborah EllisSubmitted by Elizabeth, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★½

Breadwinner Book Review
The Breadwinner is a book about a young girl and her family who live in Afghanistan. Parvana the protagonist struggled under the oppression of the taliban. The major themes in this book are trying to survive while people can. Parvana had to make a decision that she didn’t want to make this is a time where everyone in afghanistan needed survival. Parvana herself needed survival being the breadwinner was important to her family. Parvana just wanted her life to be the same again by going back to normal.

The author is Deborah Ellis wrote the action in the book to I think she did this to really to express our minds Deborah also connects to real life issues she also makes the book exiting during times in the book i like she uses good description like when she describes things like how the rain is falling or more stuff like that sound pretty or when something amazing or nice happens she uses description and i also like how she uses other pretty words too like stunned and dazzled and etc

how it dealt I found the book interesting the book was good i liked how it dealt with real life problems and real situations that involve real life issues that need to be solved i also liked the book because i liked how Parvana got to see some people that she had not seen in a very long time i also enjoyed it because i liked with friendship and family together and i liked how some people and that just tells everybody that someone in our world needs to make a difference and that tells me that i am lucky because i have a chance to go to school and have clean water and i’m very thankful all that i have that

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