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Imagine a carnival — animals, clowns, games, snacks— but replace the animals and clowns with AUTHORS and BOOKS! That’s what the annual Kids Author Carnival is like. Last Saturday, over 30 authors converged in one spot to hang out with kids, play games, sign books, and more!

We were there as volunteer Team Leaders, representing Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts:


Games with authors included:

Buckets of Books: In this game, authors tried to get kids to answer trivia questions in one of four ways: only using certain words, only using one word, only using gestures/motions, or only using sounds/noises/music.

Guess what word was used to figure out this book?

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Pictionary: Authors used their artistic skills (or lack thereof) while kids guessed the book:


Hint: It is not “Potato Bird”
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UNDER THE EGG by Laura Marx Fitzgerald


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THE WESTING GAME by Ellen Raskin

Guess That Book: In which authors used clues to get kids to — you guessed it — guess that book!


Charades: See if you can guess what book the authors were miming in the videos below!

Roll the Dice Writing Workshop: Kids rolled GIANT dice for character (yellow), setting (blue), and conflict (pink), and then used what they landed on to write stories. The green die was for when you got stuck:

Truth and Dare: A Q&A-style panel in which kids asked authors questions about books and writing… and dared them to act silly. For instance, if you ever read THIS fantasy adventure novel:

The Thickety JA White

Just think about the author J.A. White dancing the Macarena:

As you can see, it was an awesome event — and we’re so grateful that as volunteers, we got to witness all the entertaining author embarrassment.

Find your favorite authors here in the photo:Authors! Authors! Authors! Kids Author Carnival 2015


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  • I_Love_Books writes:
    June 6th, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Looks like it was a lot of fun! Would it be possible to put the answers at the end of the charades videos? I was trying to play along, but at the end I sometimes still didn’t catch the answer.

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