The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Deborah EllisSubmitted by Bryce, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


By: Bryce Shelstrom
The Breadwinner is a book about a family who has lost all
their belongings when their houses got bombed. The protagonist, Parvana tries to get money
and buy food for her family. While the antagonist, the Taliban threaten to hurt women across Afghanistan. The genre is realistic,drama, and history. One important theme of this book is the protagonist and her friend Shauzia’s relationship because they both have to dress up like boys and feed their families. Some important settings in the breadwinner are Parvana’s apartment, the Kabul marketplace, and Afghanistan because the protagonist goes to all those places.

The breadwinner takes place in Kabul,Afghanistan during the time of the Taliban. The author, Deborah Ellis makes you feel like you are in the breadwinner because the conversations are like the characters are actually talking to you. The main characters feel so believable when they talk to each other and use Afghan vocabulary. Some characters got described more than others. My brother sounds like Ali {Parvana’s little brother} because they both cry a lot. I like it when the author puts in cliffhangers at the end of chapters. I also like when the author put in descriptive words.

When the Talib soldier cried about the letter Parvana read to him it made me feel sad. I got happy when Parvana’s father came back from jail. I didn’t like the book because Parvana had to dress like a boy. I would recommend this book for kids from grade 3 and older. I found the book not that interesting because I didn’t really like when Parvana and Shauzia had to dress like boys and dig up human bones.

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