The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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Rating: ★★★★★

The Breadwinner Book Review

The Breadwinner is a book about life in Afghanistan, and how girls have to dress up as boys just to go out and earn money to feed their families. This book is a non-fiction book and a fiction book at the same time, because Afghanistan really got bombed by the Taliban, and girls had to dress up as boys and go out and get jobs. It’s a fiction book because the characters were made up. The antagonist is the Taliban, antagonist means the ‘the evil villain’ of the book. And the protagonist is Parvana, it means main character, or the good person of the book. The important relationships of the story is Parvana and her family, Parvana and Shauzia, and the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

The author, Deborah Ellis’s writing style was really creative and neat because she used descriptive words like gently. I like how she described things really awesome like how she described how Parvana’s feet were really sore and her feet were bloody because she has been walking for a long time because she needed to fetch pails of water for her family. She showed how Parvana’s mother was really depressed, because Parvana’s father got arrested for no certain reason so she’s really depressed. I also liked how she made things seem really dusty like the ground and Parvana’s dad’s books.

Parts that really moved me was when Parvana’s dad got arrested for no certain reason, and how the Taliban beaten up Parvana and her mother which really sucked because it’s not really good to beat someone up because it’s not very nice, and the Taliban is not very nice though.

The other part that really moved me was when Parvana and Shauzia went to the stadium (dressed as boys) to sell goods and they ended up in a exclusion of people’s hands and they felt really grossed out. There was this man who was really nice and made sure Parvana and Shauzia didn’t see the exclusion.

I would recommend this to someone because it’’s a fascinating book and I think that everybody should know about this book. I would recommend this to people who are grade 4 and up because there’s some violence in this book and kids who are younger would be like “AHHHH SOMEONE CHOPPED OFF A HAND AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” which would be annoying because it’s sort of weird to scream at book violence, I mean i know it’s scary and all but it’s not the time to scream.

I like this book because it showed how Parvana and her family survived through the Taliban, and how girls had to dress up as boys and cut their hair just to go out and earn money for their families and they are the breadwinners of their family.

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