The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Deborah EllisSubmitted by Tim, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★½

Breadwinner Book Review

The Breadwinner is a book about a young girl named Parvana in Afghanistan. The books genre is mostly drama there are a lot of acting and sad parts in the book. Some of the major themes are Afghanistan and war, war is horrible because you lose a lot of lives. The other is Afghanistan. It is Afghanistan because the book is also about war in Afghanistan. The antagonist is the Taliban they kidnapped one of Parvana’s family member and had also stopped Parvana from buying items for her family. The protagonist is Parvana she is in every part of the book and in every event. Parvana has a close relationship with Shauzia and her father. Parvana was with Shauzia for most of the day they work together to get money and they also share their money to buy items they both want. She has a good relationship with her father. Even though her father is gone, she keeps reminding her self and other people that he is going to be back.

The author wrote this book when the Taliban was in control of Afghanistan. It took place in Kabul, Afghanistan which is the capital of Afghanistan. The author did a good job of making me feel like i’m there in the setting. She makes me feel like i’m there because she uses descriptive and juicy words like curfew (Kind of a bed time, a time where you have to be inside because it is under the Taliban rule). She also puts Afghan words in the book like instead of bread she puts naan. And yes, the characters are believable because the author describes them in detail. In the beginning they described her father a handsome man with a long beard. Parvana reminds me, of Katniss Everdeen because they’re both breadwinners for their families. Katniss’s mother won’t help her so she has to break the law of the capital to go pass the electric fence and hunt for her familys food. I like and dislike the authors writing. I didn’t like when the prisoners got their hands chopped off in the stadium, I thought that was too violent. I also dislike the part when the young Talib was laughing and holding the chopped off hands on a rope. That was going too far. I think her writing is really good when it is not violent. The writing was very descriptive, it felt like I was invisible and I was watching it happen. I also like when the author uses Afghan items like a burqa.

A part that moved me was the hand cutting in the stadium. It moved me a lot because of the violence it had got me to a stop. Or when the young Talib tied the cut off hands on a rope and started laughing. Another part that moved me was the human bone digging for money. I think no one should dig bones for money. I never heard of anyone who dug bones just for money to buy food thats why it stopped me. I liked and disliked the book because some parts I just thought was too violent and that makes me dislike the book. The parts I like is when she leaves you on a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter and I also like when she uses descriptive words. I would recommend this book to people who are 9 to 13 and people who are interested in history, real life events and people who want to learn more about other countries.I found the book very interesting, a big cliffhanger and a little violent. It is very interesting because of the juicy words in the book like thirsted with hunger. The book makes you want to learn more about Afghanistan. It is a big cliffhanger because she leaves you with an exciting part at the end of the chapter. There are some violent parts that I didn’t like but otherwise the book was amazing.

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