The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Deborah EllisSubmitted by Jordan, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★½☆

This book is about a 11 year old girl named Parvana and her family who lived in Kabul, Afghanistan, and there houses kept on getting bombed by the Taliban. The genre in this book is realistic historical and drama. In this book the action takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan during the time the Taliban were in control. The major themes in this book is war, tragic things can happen, not everyone is evil and be resilient. The antagonist is Parvana and th e protagonist is the Taliban. In this book some of the important relationships are Parvana and Shauzia, Parvana and her father, Parvana’s mother and Mrs.Weara, and Parvana and Nooria.
The author did a good job making me feel like I was there in chapter 11 standing right behind Parvana and Sauzia helping them dig up bones. In the book only one felt like she was real and it’s Parvana. Parvana feels real to me because she is brave, she doesn’t give up and she has resilience. Parvana reminds me of myself because when I said Parvana is brave, I am too. The part I did not like about the authors writing style was the part at the soccer stadium because it kind of scared me but I liked the way the she used juicy words.
Parvana is a brave person because when she went to the prison to get her father, the guards smacked her with a wooden stick, and another way why she is brave is when the Taliban came up to her and started to say mean things. In this book I like some parts and dislike others because like I said the soccer stadium part kind of scared me, but the part I like was when Parvana changed in to a boy and could finally give her family fresh air. I would recommend this book to my brother, and I would recommend this book to the age 9-up. I found the book interesting because some parts were really exiting.

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