4 Questions on New Anne of Green Gables Adaption

August 28th, 2016 by

anne_of_green_gablesRecently, Netflix announced that they will be adapting L.M. Montgomery’s classic book Anne of Green Gables into an eight-episode miniseries titled Annewhich will be available for Anne Shirley fans to watch in 2017. That’s potentially anywhere from 126 days to 493 days we might have to wait for Anne to premiere — let’s hope it’s not scheduled for a December 31st, 2017 air date!

In the meantime, I already have a few pressing questions that need to be answered, ASAP:

1. Who will the cast be?

Obviously we want to know who’s playing the spunky, fiery-haired heroine Anne Shirley. And her best friend, confidant, and kindred spirit Diana Prince. Who will portray the Cuthberts? Can anyone pull off annoyingly smart, smug, and handsome frenemy Gilbert Blythe? I’ll even take an announcement on who’s playing gossipy neighbor Rachel Lynde!

2. Will any of the cast from the old 1980s miniseries be in the show?

This might just be a question from nerdy, old-old fans like me. Unfortunately, the actor who played Gilbert Blythe has passed away, but the actress who played Anne Shirley in the 1980s, Megan Follows, is still kicking butt on TV — could she play a grown-up character in the new show (not Rachel Lynde, preferably)?

3. Will the story be modernized at all?

Part of the charm of Anne of Green Gables is that it took place before television, cell phones, and the Internet. Would it be the same if Anne and Diana confided with each other over video chat? I don’t really want to see Anne smash an iPad over Gilbert’s head…


The famous — and now when we watch it again, rather violent — scene!

4. How much of the book/books will the miniseries cover?

Anne is about 11 to 16 years old in the first book, which has always been my favorite — but it would be wonderful to see events from Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island depicted too! Sequel, perhaps? (Okay, now I’m getting ahead of myself.)

While we wait, there are plenty of books in the series by L.M. Montgomery to read (eight total, plus three more in which Anne Shirley is mentioned), and when we’re done with those, there’s also Emily of New Moon and many others by L.M. Montgomery. Speaking of Emily, maybe that should be adapted into a miniseries… After all, Anne Shirley has gotten television series, television movies, animated series, musical plays, regular plays, and more dedicated to her. There are other orphan girls on Prince Edward Island!

Note: In tune with what I believe Anne Shirley would want, there are no references at all to orange-colored root vegetables in this blog post.

Are you excited about the upcoming Anne of Green Gables adaptation? Leave a comment below to share any speculation on the new series!

— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy would looooove to have red hair like Anne Shirley, which is funny since Anne wanted black hair like Nancy’s Diana’s. Oh well.

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Images from Anne of Green Gables (1985) taken from Interwebs.

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