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About a year ago, Karen and I reviewed Cassie Beasley’s debut book, Circus Mirandus, which — spoiler alert! — both of us recommended to all readers. I also clamored for a sequel or a movie adaptation, neither of which have been announced… yet. But while I wait, the paperback edition of the book hits shelves on August 16th!

As with many books, the cover design was updated for the paperback edition — check it out:


And now compare the hardcover and paperback side-by-side:

Circus Mirandus_Cassie-Beasley CIRCUS-MIRANDUS-paperback

My thoughts:

  • Wow, there’s a lot of stuff going on on the new cover.
  • A lot of stuff.
  • The hardcover is so minimalist and straightforward: Hey, this is a book about a circus.
  • The hardcover is also very distinctive — I could spot it easily on a shelf.
  • The paperback gives away more details of the story: All the main characters, including Chintzy the parrot, are present!
  • And I like the addition of a tagline: “Magic so wondrous, you have to believe it to see it.”
  • The styling of the title looks very old-timey circus-y, and I love it.
  • There was a die cut on the hardcover: A portion of the cover is cut out so the image on the next page is visible. This made the hardcover intriguing, but printing a die cut is expensive, so it’s understandable the paperback does not have a die cut.
  • While the new cover is exciting, it does look a lot like other fantasy novels to me:

After giving this a lot of thought, here’s my final verdict:
I love the new book cover as much as I love the book!

Which cover do you like more? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

— Nancy

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