Me and Marvin Gardens by Amy Sarig King: Book Review

April 23rd, 2017 by

Most people know that recycling and reducing waste is important, but for some reason, there’s always that one annoying person who doesn’t do their part. 🙁 Eleven-year-old Obe Devlin, the main character of Me and Marvin Gardens by Amy Sarig King, is NOT that person. Recycling and reducing the amount of plastic in the world really matters to him, especially on his ancestral land of Devlin, which is now being taken over by housing developments.

New neighbors aren’t the only addition to Obe’s life. While he picks up trash in the local creek, he discovers a new animal: part dog, part pig, very slimy, and most interestingly… it loves to eat plastic. Obe names his new friend Marvin Gardens, after the property in the game Monopoly. Could Marvin Gardens be the solution to the plastic problem on Earth?

In addition to discovering an entirely new species (and keeping it secret), Obe has to deal with math homework, his dad who just doesn’t understand him, and a former best friend who has turned into his bully. Keeping Marvin Gardens a secret turns out to be an excellent idea, especially when Obe discovers that Marvin’s extremely smelly poop could be toxic. But Obe can’t keep Marvin a secret forever, especially with all the construction happening in his neighborhood. What happens when other people find out about him? Could Marvin Gardens be the solution to the plastic problem on our planet? Will ex-best-friend Tommy ever stop being a jerk? Read Me and Marvin Gardens to find out!

I have to admit this book took me by surprise because even though there aren’t any big action scenes, I kept turning every page because I needed to know what would happen to Obe and Marvin. My only concern was that some questions are left open-ended at the end of the book — but that means there could be a sequel! Right, Amy Sarig King? Right?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and any reader who cares about the environment and the fate of our planet should check it out. It’s a great read if you’re ever feeling lonely and want to know if picking up litter will actually make a difference in the world — turns out it could, especially if you end up finding a fantastical animal like Obe does!

— Nancy

Nancy gets annoyed by people who litter, and fervently prays that one day the litter will magically awake and attack the litterbug.

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