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Labor Day is right around the corner, marking the unofficial end of the summer. You may already be back at school, or else you’re about to start. No matter what, now that it’s September, it’s time to say goodbye to picnics, beach days, popsicles by the pool, fireworks in the park, and s’mores at sleep-away camp…

No no no, don’t cry! I personally love fall — the pumpkin spices, the crisp weather, the beautiful leaves, the hot apple cider… Autumn is actually my favorite season! But I understand there’s a certain allure to summer, and that’s why I always enjoy a good summer book — any time of year!

Luckily, you Kidsmomo readers have recommended a lot of wonderful summertime stories on our website. So if you’re like me and you’re looking to make the season last a little longer, check out these suggestions from kid reviewers like you:

sand-dollar-summer-kimberly-k-jonesSand Dollar Summer by Kimberly K. Jones
Recommended by Hahaha me, Age 11 from Maine

“Sand Dollar Summer is short and funny, but serious at the same time. I think the best part of the book is that there is no other book with the same theme. Think about it — there are SO many books about a kid moving to another town or state, or about a kid who needs to win the little league baseball championships. How many books have a car crash, a brother how doesn’t speak, the beach and lobsters in it all together? One. So read it!”
Read the full review.

penderwicks_jeanne_birdsallThe Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall
Recommended by Liana, Age 10 from New York

“I LOVED this book!! It is one of those books you can’t put down and get hooked on to. This book is about four girls, a dog, their father, and a boy they meet at Arundel where they are going for vacation. There is a little romance, a few adventures, and a little bit of a sad ending.”
Read another review for the book, from Elizabeth, Age 10 from New Hampshire.

SummerlostSummerlost by Allie Condie
Recommended by Ellie, Age 12 from New York

“A girl named Cedar moved to a new town for the summer about a year after her brother Ben (who had autism) and her dad had died. … One night when Cedar woke up she found weird trinkets on her windowsill she had no clue who left them. Read to find out who was leaving the items and how Cedar found herself again.”
Read the full review.

lawn-boy-gary-paulsen-book-reviewLawn Boy by Gary Paulsen
Reviewed by Jameson, Age 12 from New York

“This book is about a boy who mows lawns and makes a lot of money and does some funny things with that money like buying a house on a lake…”
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umbrella-summer_lisa-graffUmbrella Summer by Lisa Graff
Recommended by Olivia, Age 11 from Rhode Island

“This fiction book is about a girl named Annie and her Summer adventures. She frets about getting diseases, searches the ‘haunted house’ on her street, and misses her passed brother. Will Annie get over her fear of sickness? What will she find in the ‘haunted house’? You’ll have to read and find out.”
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roller girl_victoria jamiesonRoller Girl by Victoria Jamieson
Reviewed by Joyce, Age 10 from Connecticut

“The main character is Astrid and she loses two best friends. One of her best friend is Zoey and the other one is Nicole. Astrid loses Nicole because Nicole goes to a ballet camp and Astrid is going to roller derby camp. … It is a VERY good book! I love it so much! Be sure to read it!”
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Kinda Like Brothers by Coe BoothKinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth
Reviewed by Alana, Age 11 from Connecticut

“Jarrett goes to a summer school in the Center to try and pass the sixth grade. Since Jarrett’s mother is a foster mother, she takes in a baby girl and she also has to take the baby’s brother. When Jarrett finds out that the baby’s brother is older than he is, what is his reaction towards it?”
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My Summer of Pink and GreenMy Summer In Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald
Reviewed by Nancy, Age 13 from New York

“This book is a really good book. I was so surprised at the end when…… Something happened and it was so cool.”
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Do YOU have any summer book recommendations? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

— Karen

You know another thing Karen loves about fall? Wearing pants instead of skirts, dresses, and shorts! Yeah, she’s weird…

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