Ten Images to Sum Up A Reader

May 24th, 2017 by

Psst. Hey, you. Yeah. You over there. Looking at this blog post. You might be visiting Kidsmomo because your teacher or another grown-up told you to. Or maybe you happened here by accident. But I know what you’re here for. You’re here for some sweet, sweet, book recommendations. I know, because when you see something like this…

… you think, Yup. I could totally sit there for hours with a book.

And in those hours, you may ponder, I should get cards like this printed up:

After reading a particularly sad book, you’ll shift in your seat and think, I could really use a pillow like this:

But because you’re tough, you wipe away your tears and pick up the next book from your always-growing TO READ pile. You think fondly about an excellent mantra:

And how do you get those many lives? By visiting a bookstore, or…

And you always end up leaving the library like Lisa Simpson:

Because books are like delicious (and healthy!) snacks:

If only potato chips were as healthy as reading books.

If someone could cartoon-ify readers, we’d look like this:

Okay, maybe this cartoon takes the word “devour” a little too seriously.

Even when you’re grounded and sent to your room:

Cat optional

You know that it’s not all that bad, because:

You know who had a problem with souls? Voldemort. And no one wants to be that guy!

— Nancy

Nancy realized you might actually looking for some sweet book recommendations, so look no further — wait, look one more link further: click here!

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All images taken from the Interwebs.

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