You Asked, We Answered: Recs for Warriors Fans

April 2nd, 2017 by

Recently, Kidsmomo reader Alexa asked us for book recommendations based on her interests:

Hello! My name is Alexa and I just finished reading the second series of Warrior Cats. My question is : Do you know of a good middle grade series like Warrior Cats?

Alexa, thanks for your question! First off, if you’ve only read two of the Warriors series, then you still have a bunch more to go. You’d think that at some point these catfighting clans would just want to all get along and sing Kumbaya together, but in fact these felines just keep up the drama — resulting in sooooooo many series about them:

  • Dawn of the Clans
  • Warriors (the original series)
  • The New Prophecy
  • Power of Three
  • Omen of the Stars
  • A Vision of Shadows
  • Warriors Manga
  • Warriors Super Editions

When you’re ready for a break from those crazy cats, then there are three other series also by Erin Hunter. Actually, Erin Hunter is six different authors. But these series are all published under the Erin Hunter name:

So, that should be enough books to last you until the year 3874. But after that, if your eyeballs haven’t fallen out from exhaustion, then you can check out these other series about warring animals:

Alexa, we hope that gives you some good ideas for what to read after Warriors!

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