Drum Roll, Please by Lisa Jenn Bigelow: Book Review

April 20th, 2019 by

drum-roll-pleaseHere are two things I always wanted to do, but never did when I was younger: 1) Go to sleep-away camp over the summer. 2) Learn to play the drums.

Well, Drum Roll, Please by Lisa Jenn Bigelow is about a girl playing the drums at a sleep-away summer camp, so obviously I was like, “Yes please gimme gimme thank you very much!”

In the book, Melly and her best friend, Olivia, head to Camp Rockaway, where they expect to play the drums (Melly) and the bass (Olivia) together like they always do at home. But they immediately get put into different bands — and if that weren’t bad enough, the counselor in charge of Melly’s band is super demanding and scary. On top of that, Olivia starts opting to hang out with her new crush instead of Melly.

At first, Melly feels abandoned by Olivia, especially because she’s still dealing with the shock of her parents’ recent decision to divorce. But soon, Melly finds herself spending more and more time with Adeline, a fellow member of her band who is a camp regular and happy to show Melly around. And as Olivia spends time with her new crush, Melly starts to wonder if perhaps she herself is crushing on Adeline — which would be the first time she’s had feelings for a girl.

I really enjoyed this book, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes stories about big family changes, dealing with friend drama, and exploring new romantic feelings for any gender. I’d also recommend it to anyone who just enjoys a good camp story. If you liked Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World (which I just reviewed last month), then you’ll definitely like Drum Roll, Please. You’ll also enjoy it if you’re a fan of Sunny Side UpBe PreparedWillows Vs. Wolverines, Just Like Me, or You Go First.

If you’ve already read Drum Roll, Please, leave a comment below with your thoughts! Or leave a comment to share what you would choose if you could play any musical instrument (or if you already play one you love)!

— Karen

As you already know, Karen would pick the drums if she could choose any musical instrument. She actually just started looking into joining a Brazilian drum group in NYC, but she’s a little nervous because she has no upper body strength!

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